How to choose vacuum pump for vacuum packaging machine?

At present, many customers in the purchase of vacuum packaging at the same time of the selection of vacuum pump is unclear, vacuum packaging machine in general with what vacuum pump question?

The following small make up about vacuum packaging machine vacuum pump selection problems are analyzed, so that users in the purchase of vacuum packaging machine at the same time to understand the vacuum pump in advance, convenient for the selection of vacuum packaging machine.

The vacuum pump is the core part of the vacuum packaging machine and the center of the vacuum packaging machine.

vacuum packaging machine

Then, small series of vacuum pumps were classified into three categories: domestic vacuum pump, sino-foreign joint venture vacuum pump, original imported vacuum pump.
Domestic vacuum pump is generally referred to as the domestic vacuum pump is solely owned by the enterprise production, the main characteristics are low price, general quality, in the use of the process is easy to appear in the vacuum effect is not obvious, unstable performance shortcomings. However, general small vacuum packaging machine can use domestic vacuum pump, because the vacuum chamber of small vacuum packaging machine is small, the vacuum effect can achieve the effect of vacuum in a small range of space and time, so the use of general vacuum pump is no problem.

If users choose and vacuum packaging machine for medium or large vacuum packaging machine, so small make up recommend the use of vacuum pump, joint venture or import for the vacuum pump, vacuum packaging machine, after all, as production equipment, its performance and service life and failure rate can be directly reflected in the process of production needs, as well as domestic vacuum pump is suitable for small batch production is not recommended in the mass production needs.
Joint venture refers to a vacuum pump vacuum pump is a sino-foreign joint venture production, general situation is foreign technology in domestic production, this pump is suitable for medium packing quantity and efficiency of customer demand, because this series of vacuum pump is only with the foreign technology and no foreign materials and processing equipment, vacuum pump vacuum pump in the process of production can not achieve a sophisticated technical requirements, the pump suitable for medium-sized vacuum packing
The original imported vacuum packaging machine refers to that vacuum pump is purchased from abroad to China through import qualification and agency agencies. The vacuum pump is superior to domestic and joint-venture vacuum pumps in quality and performance, which is characterized by high price and other two kinds of vacuum pumps. However, the cost performance is relatively high in small series.

Whether the vacuum pump is imported or domestic, as long as the choice of the most suitable, that can achieve maximum benefit, vacuum packaging machine in general with what vacuum pump this question, through the above answer is not solved.

How to choose vacuum pump for vacuum packaging machine?

Technical Data :

Models 2XZ -2C 2XZ-4C 2XZ-6C 2XZ-8C 2XZ-15C 2XZ-25C
Pump speed 50HZ (L/s) 2 4 6 8 15 25
60HZ (L/s) 2.4 4.8 7.2 9.6 18 30
50HZ (m3/h) 7.2 14 22 29 54 90
60HZ (m3/h) 8.6 17 25 35 65 108
Ultimate pressure(Pa) Partial pressure 6×10ˉ² 6×10ˉ² 5×10ˉ² 5×10ˉ² 5×10ˉ² 5×10ˉ²
Total pressure 1 1 1 1 1 1
Rotary speed(r/min) 50HZ 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400
60HZ 1720 1720 1720 1720 1720 1720
Motor power(Kw) 0.37 0.55 0.75 1.1 1.5 3.0
Working voltage(v) 220/380 220/380 380 380 380 380
InletDiam(mm) I.D. KF-25 KF-25 KF-25 KF-40 KF-40 KF-40
Dimensions(mm) Length 480 520 545 616 705 830
Width 150 150 172 255 255 275
Height 200 200 285 360 360 440
Noise(dBA) 65 65 68 70 70 72
Oil capacity (L) 0.8 1 1.5 3 3.5 4
G.W./N.W. (kg) 22/20 26/22 55/46 70/60 86/75 105/85

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