How to deal with wear of electric stainless steel explosion-proof ball valve?

In some special environments, the electric stainless steel explosion-proof ball valve will inevitably be worn during long-term use. Of course, the wear of its rotating spherical surface (inner ball) is mainly discussed here. Once this happens, it will often lead to large resistance during opening, and thus the valve cannot be opened normally. In general, it needs to be replaced. However, as we all know, the replacement cost is high and the replacement cycle is long, It will seriously affect the normal operation of production.

So, is there any way to avoid replacing the new electric stainless steel explosion-proof ball valve inner ball? The answer is yes, that is to repair the inner ball with special repair tools for ball valves.

The special repair tools for ball valves use sandpaper grinding discs and wool wheel grinding discs to grind and polish the ball in the ball valves, so that the worn surface can be restored smooth. The special repair tool has the following characteristics:

1. Safe and simple operation, flexible and convenient assembly, suitable for fine repair of valve spherical surface.

2. The tool uses the bench drill, grinding plate and electric drill soft shaft commonly used in the workshop to repair the valve spherical surface, and achieves good maintenance effect.

Now, you know what to do after the electric stainless steel explosion-proof ball valve is worn.

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