How to equip a vacuum valve for a lithium bromide absorption refrigerator?

Lithium bromide absorption refrigerating machine with rotary vane vacuum pumps and vacuum cooling water, refrigerant water pump of water ring vacuum pump used for vacuum and low vacuum in the vacuum area, respectively. Therefore, ordinary vacuum valves can be selected, such as diaphragm vacuum valve, low vacuum globe valve and high vacuum butterfly valve.

How to equip a vacuum valve for a lithium bromide absorption refrigerator?

Will rotary vane vacuum pump is used for bromine cold machine, vacuum case of suspend work for vacuum pump, pump inside the machine oil due to the differential relationship into the unit interior, constitute the pollution of the lithium bromide solution. Therefore, it is necessary to install an electric magnetic tape air discharge vacuum valve on the inlet pipe of the vacuum pump. The valve is powered by electromagnetic field and connected with the vacuum pump to start and stop synchronously on the same power supply. After stopping, it will bleed air to the inlet of the pump to prevent mechanical oil return.

How to perform daily maintenance of butterfly valve

Signal butterfly valve consists of body, disc and control structure, consisting of a main control unit of water flow, component and application is common, in a large hydropower station is one of the units valves, butterfly valves close by in the case of the unit load is called rushed off, if there is slow in the operation of the disc deviating from the fully open position, its status in part off phenomenon, is called a partial blunt shut, then rushed to part in how to maintenance and maintenance?

1. Add the signal device of its position. When the butterfly valve in operation deviates from the fully open position, the signal is sent out, then the light plate in the central control room is on, and the operator can judge whether the butterfly valve is closed accidentally or partially according to the signal.

2. Standard general treatment measures for partial flushing: lift the oil source valve until the full opening signal appears, and then drop the oil source valve.

3. Improve its maintenance quality. Due to its large volume and firm positioning, to solve the problem of rotating shaft in place, it is necessary to disassemble and lift it, a large amount of work, and the space of the butterfly valve chamber is limited, it is also difficult to do, and because of the long use time, wear, disassembly overhaul is difficult to ensure the quality. At present, it is commonly used to add gaskets to adjust the center position, which to a certain extent can solve the problem of the butterfly valve body itself. Improve the maintenance process to ensure that butterfly valve fully open butterfly plate valve parallel to the water flow.

4, improve the relay sealing performance, replace better sealing materials, regularly to the relay piston opening cavity oil.

5, in the water inlet installation of water monitor, to monitor the water flow fluctuations, and in the operation of the butterfly valve regulation to add a regular work, that is, every week to start the oil valve, to relay oil filling circuit.

The damage to the turbine generator set caused by the flushing of the signal butterfly valve is mainly as follows: The high speed water will produce cavitation zone behind the butterfly plate, which will be damaged by cavitation. Reduce unit output. So its maintenance and maintenance is crucial.

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