Vacuum pump made of high strength metal

The main purpose of this paper is to provide a specific application of imported vacuum pump in the production of high-strength metal, so as to solve the problems in the following contents. On some construction sites, some suggested houses will be constructed for workers or storage facilities. Usually, the proposed houses are made of some foam steel plates. Although the cost of the steel plate is low, it is not convenient to load and unload while the safety factor is not high. In order to improve the safety of the houses on the construction site, many construction sites began to use some high-strength metal splicing houses, and the roof of the house is the focus of the whole house. The roof of the roof needs to be easy to install and dismantle, but also have enough strength.

In order to strengthen the safety of the building on the construction site, the application technical scheme of vacuum pump in the production of high-strength metal is provided.

High strength metal production of characteristics

(1) It is adaptable to the shape and size of castings. It can produce all kinds of shapes and sizes of blanks, especially suitable for manufacturing parts with complex cavities.
(2) Strong adaptability to materials. It can adapt to the forming of most metal materials and has unique advantages for materials that are not suitable for forging and welding.
(3) The cost of casting is low. This is due to the rich source of casting raw materials, the shape of the casting is close to that of the parts, which can reduce the amount of machining, thus reducing the casting cost.

Piston vacuum pump is one of the types of vacuum pump, with various models, which can be widely used in medical equipment, automobile industry, automatic control, printing machinery, packaging machinery, food preservation, aquaculture, water purification treatment, analytical instruments, beauty and health care, advertising production, equipment maintenance, biopharmaceutical, communication electronics, petrochemical industry, environmental detection system, oxygen production in plateau area, etc It is a good choice for those who need pure and environmental vacuum space in industrialized society.

When the piston vacuum pump is running, driven by the motor, the piston in the cylinder will do reciprocating motion through the function of the crank connecting rod mechanism. When Wang Shi moves from the storage end to the right end in the waiting boat. As the volume of the left chamber of the cylinder is increasing, the density of the gas in the cylinder is decreasing, which results in the pumping process. At this time, the gas in the container enters the left chamber of the pump body through the suction valve. When the piston reaches its rightmost position, the cylinder is completely filled with gas. Then the piston moves from the right end to the left end, and the suction valve is closed. The gas in the cylinder is gradually compressed as the piston moves from right to left. When the pressure of the gas in the cylinder reaches or slightly exceeds one atmospheric pressure, the exhaust valve is opened to discharge the gas into the atmosphere and complete a working cycle. When the piston moves from left to right again, it sucks in a part of gas, and repeats the previous cycle, and so on, until the gas pressure in the pumped volume reaches the requirements.

Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effect of the specific application of the vacuum pump in the production of high-strength metal is that the high-strength metal splicing piece is convenient for installation and disassembly, can have higher strength for support after installation, and makes the splicing piece more practical and safe. With mature technology, first-class technology and good reputation, the vacuum pump is more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly compared with other brands, and has won the trust and favor of famous enterprises in various production fields

Vacuum pump made of high strength metal

Vacuum pump made of high strength metal


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