How to see the quality of a dry screw vacuum pump

Dry screw vacuum pump is a relatively new type of vacuum pump. The emergence of this kind of vacuum pump can better replace the use of traditional water ring vacuum pump, oil ring vacuum pump and other types. In the whole process of design and manufacture, this kind of vacuum pump is specially treated with anti-corrosion coating, which improves the tightness of the whole equipment, and its performance far exceeds the traditional vacuum pump type.

During the purchase of dry screw vacuum pump, how to judge the quality of a device?

How to see the quality of a dry screw vacuum pump

1. Look at the vacuum of the equipment. Generally, the lower the limit vacuum degree of the vacuum pump, the better the performance of the equipment. In most cases, the limit vacuum degree of domestic vacuum pump is about 5pa, while that of imported equipment can reach about 1pA.

2. Look at the vibration and noise of the equipment. The lower the vibration and noise performance, the better. It is generally considered that its operating noise is controlled within 80 dB, which belongs to pinhole pump equipment with better performance.

3. Good corrosion resistance. During the production of vacuum pump equipment, the manufacturer specially treated the surface and internal parts of the vacuum pump with anti-corrosion coatings, and reduced the corrosive gas pressure with the help of gas ballast valve device, so as to prolong the service time of the equipment.

4. Sealing is also one of the important indexes to see whether the performance of a vacuum pump equipment is good.

For some buyers who don’t know much about dry screw vacuum pump equipment, if they can’t make a preliminary judgment on the quality of the equipment from the above aspects, they can also buy the equipment according to the basic conditions such as the scale of the manufacturer and whether it is formal or not. Generally, the pump body equipment produced by regular manufacturers has better quality and durability, which can bring higher cost performance to buyers.

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