Improve water ring vacuum pump of vacuum pumping capacity

In this paper, the working principle of the water ring vacuum pump and the operation status of the vacuum pump in cigarette factory are analyzed in detail. From the aspects of the temperature and humidity of the suction medium of the vacuum pump, the flow of the working fluid, the leakage of the vacuum system, the water quality of the working water and the internal maintenance of the vacuum pump body, the measures and methods to improve the mechanical efficiency of the operation of the water ring vacuum pump are introduced in detail In order to ensure the economical, efficient and stable operation of vacuum pump, some suggestions are put forward for the improvement of production status.

Water ring vacuum pump of improvement

The impeller of the water ring vacuum pump is eccentrically arranged with the vacuum pump body, and both sides are sealed by end caps. During operation, a proper amount of water is injected into the vacuum pump. When the impeller rotates, the water forms a rotating water ring along the inner wall of the vacuum pump body. The inner surface of the water ring, the impeller surface and the side end cover form a sealing working cavity. The impeller blade divides the sealing area into several cavities.

With the rotation of the impeller, the volume of the cavity in the suction area of the vacuum pump increases gradually, and its internal pressure drops, thus sucking the gas into the vacuum pump; on the contrary, the volume of the cavity in the exhaust area decreases gradually, and its internal pressure rises, so as to discharge the gas out of the vacuum pump, thus completing the three working stages of suction, compression and exhaust;

For example, the vacuum equipment used in cigarette factory is water ring vacuum pump; the capacity is 2400m3 / h; the theoretical maximum pressure is – 0.1MPa. The rated power of the motor is 75kW, and the rotating speed is 740r / min. Its supporting equipment includes 2 vacuum filters, 2 circulating water pumps, 1 cooling tower, 1 buffer pipe and pressure, temperature and flow detection instrument. 2. Current situation of energy demand and equipment operation

(1) In the process of small box packaging, the vacuum produced by vacuum pump should be used to absorb trademark paper for packaging. The capacity of vacuum pump in our factory is about -0.055mpa. With the increase of our factory’s production capacity, the installation of the hard box packaging machine found that it is difficult to absorb trademark paper in the production process of the winding room, and the vacuum produced by vacuum pump can not meet the pressure demand of the hard box packaging machine.

(2) Through daily operation observation, it is found that the pressure of vacuum pump will be reduced by about 0.01Mpa compared with other times when the two production shifts in the car room are handed over or the production personnel in the car room go out to eat together.

(3) According to the field inspection, the circulating water flow is 14.194 m3 / h.

Cause analysis

Vacuum adsorption refers to that the negative pressure is connected with the object to be adsorbed through suction cup, suction pipe and other components, the suction cup and the object form a closed space, the internal pressure changes from normal pressure to negative pressure, and the purpose of adsorbing the object is achieved by using the pressure difference between the external atmospheric pressure and negative pressure. As the weight of the hard box label paper is three times that of the ordinary packaging paper, it is necessary to increase the vacuum degree of the system in order to stably absorb the hard box label paper.

Improve water ring vacuum pump of vacuum pumping capacity

Improve water ring vacuum pump of vacuum pumping capacity

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