It is very important to check the vacuum unit regularly

The working condition of the vacuum unit is easily affected by the operation and the external environment. Therefore, when using the vacuum unit, if we want to prolong its service life, we should not only operate according to the operating procedures, but also do regular testing, which is indispensable.

1. Keep the internal and external walls of the vacuum unit clean;
2. Check whether the cooling water of the vacuum unit is unblocked and whether there is leakage in the pump body, pump cover and other parts.
3. Regularly check the quality and oil level of lubricating oil, replace and add lubricating oil in time in case of deterioration and lack of oil.
4. Regularly check whether the temperature of each part is normal.
5. The fasteners of various parts also need to be checked frequently to see whether they are loose, whether the pump body has abnormal sound, and whether the sealing ring at the interface is damaged. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced in time.
6. Check whether the indication of instrument value of vacuum unit is normal at any time.
7. Whether the vacuum can be used normally after defoaming.
8. When parking, first close the valve of the vacuum system, then turn off the power supply and close the valve of the cooling water.
9. In winter, the cooling water in the pump body needs to be discharged during shutdown.

Good operating procedures and inspection steps are: the vacuum unit can maintain relatively high working efficiency for a long time. After it works for a period of time, problems may occur in its working state and internal parts, so we should carry out all-round inspection and repair on it regularly.

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