Liquid ring vacuum pump used in wind tunnel test

Wind tunnels are generally referred to as wind tunnel tests. Simply put, according to the principle of relativity of motion, the model or object of the aircraft is fixed in the artificial environment on the ground, and the airflow is artificially created to simulate various complex flight states in the air and obtain test data. This is the “green channel” for the development and production of modern aircraft, missiles and rockets. Simply put, a wind tunnel is to artificially create a “sky” on the ground.

wind tunnel test

The basic principles of wind tunnel experiments are the principle of relativity and the principle of similarity. According to the principle of relativity, the aerodynamic force experienced by an aircraft flying in still air is the same as that when the aircraft is stationary and the air is blowing in the opposite direction at the same speed. However, the windward area of the aircraft is relatively large, such as a small wing span of a few meters, a dozen meters, and a large tens of meters (Boeing 747 is 60 meters), so that the air flow with such a large windward area blows at the speed equivalent to the flight, and its power consumption will be amazing. According to the similarity principle, the aircraft can be made into a geometrically similar small-scale model, and the airflow speed can also be lower than the flight speed within a certain range. The test results can calculate the aerodynamic force acting on the aircraft during flight.

Liquid ring vacuum pump used in wind tunnel test

Usually, due to the large volume of the wind tunnel test system and the requirement to achieve a certain degree of vacuum in a relatively short period of time, we usually recommend using a liquid-ring vacuum pump with high pumping speed such as 2BE3, or a Roots pump plus a liquid-ring pump unit.

A large-scale icing wind tunnel height simulation system, comprising: a suction main pipeline connected with the icing wind tunnel; a regulating valve on the suction main pipeline, the suction main pipeline is also connected with a vacuum pump system, and the regulating valve is located in the icing wind tunnel and Between the vacuum pump sets; the liquid ring vacuum pump works alone and can simulate the vacuum pressure control in the wind tunnel with a height of less than 7000m; the roots pump set and the liquid ring pump set work together to simulate the vacuum pressure control in the wind tunnel with a height of 7000m to 20000m.

 liquid-ring pump unit

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