LRC Series Liquid Ring Compressor

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Description: It has the advantages of simple structure, high energy efficiency, safety and reliability.
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LRC series liquid ring compressor is a kind of compressor with high performance and high compression ratio developed by our company according to the advanced experience of foreign countries and the latest water conservancy model. It has the advantages of simple structure, high energy efficiency, safety and reliability.

1.Single-stage impeller, performance up to 0.7Mpa (G).
2.Rear bearing positioning, clearance can be adjusted.
3.Bearing chamber with thin oil lubrication, higher loading capacity.
4.Upper suction and side discharge, easy start.
5.pump body with bolt connection, safe and reliable.

LRC series liquid ring compressor is mainly used in petrochemical industry, torch gas and pharmaceutical gas transport recovery, sewage treatment, chlor-alkali and other industries, with high pressure, compact structure, reliable use, easy to operate and high pressure area pumping speed. Because it is in the isothermal state in the process of compression, LRC liquid ring compressor can better avoid dangers in the compression of flammable, explosive gas.


Model Speed


Motor    power


Ultimate vacuum


Suction capacity


Water supply


LRC-15 1450 185 0.7MPa(G) ≥15 8-10
LRC-20 1450 250 0.7MPa(G) ≥20 10-12
LRC-26 1450 280 0.7MPa(G) ≥25 13-15
LRC-32 1450 355 0.7MPa(G) ≥30 16-19
LRC-42 1450 400 0.7MPa(G) ≥40 20-24


Performance curve of LRC


Cross-sectional drawing of LRC

No. Name No. Name No. Name No. Name
1 Front cap 2 Oil leveler 3 Front cooling chamber 4 Double end machine seal
5 Pump shaft 6 Front pump cover 7 Front portplate 8 Impeller
9 pump body 10 Back portplate 11 O-ring 12 T-type shaft sleeve
13 Bearing 14 Oil flinger 15 Locating bearing 16 Locating bearing  cap
17 Locating bearing pedestal 18 Back cooling chamber 19 Inner bearing cap 20 Back bearing pedestal
21 Back pump cover


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