Maglev turbo molecular pump used in aerospace applications

EVP recently sold 1 set of CXF-320/3001 maglev turbo molecular pump with its backing pump (dry scroll vacuum pump) and a ultra-high pneumatic vacuum gate valve to an aerospace application.

This equipment will used in aerospace.

turbo molecular pump

The technical specifications of EVP CXF-320/3001 maglev turbo molecular pump:

1.Suction capacity(N2):3200 L/s

2.Max. Compression ration(N2):>1X108

3.Ultimate vacuum: ≤ 5X10-7 Pa

4.Inlet flange: DN320 ISO F

5.Outlet flange: KF40

6.Cooling method: Water

7.Installation way: Any

8.Other: Electric control with pump is adopted by integrated design to save installation space

Dry scroll vacuum pump

Dry scroll vacuum pump as its backing pump , which technical characteristics:

1.Suction capacity: 16 L/s

2.Ultimate vacuum: ≤1 Pa

3.Motor power: 1.5KW

4.Inlet & Outlet size: KF40

5.Motor brand: WEG

6.Voltage: 415V

7.Frequency: 50Hz

8.Other: With gas ballast valve

ultra-high pneumatic vacuum gate

If you’ve interest and want to know more information, please do not hesitate to contact EVP company.

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Edited by Catherine Qin / EVP Vacuum Solution

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