Vacuum application process or industry

Vacuum application process or industry
1、Freezing dry in vacuum application
Freezing dry in vacuum application is also called sublimation dryness. Its thoery is freezing the material to make the water contained becomes ice, then sublimate the ice in vacuum to dry.

2、Vaporizing and plating process in vacuum
In vacuum condition, the process of heating the material and plating them on the basic sheets is called vaporizing and plating in vacuum, or also called vacuum plating.

3、Vacuum dryness process
It is a method by way of the boiling point is low under the vacuum condition to dry the material.
4、Power generation equipment
EVP liquid ring vacuum pump supplied to the power industry for condenser venting is a two-stage (two impeller) design housed in a single pump body.
For drying, laboratory, vapor recovery, house vacuum and everything in between, rely on EVP vacuum pumps.


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