Vacuum pump principle

According to the work principle of vacuum pump, vacuum pumps can basically be divided into two types, namely, trapping gas transfer pumps and gas pumps. Gas transfer pump is a way for continuous suction and discharge gas in order to achieve the purpose of vacuum pumping. Gas pump is a kind of trap that the gas molecules are adsorbed or condensed on the inner surface of the pump, thus reducing the number of gas molecules inside the container to achieve the purpose of the vacuum pump exhaust.
Vacuum pump is closed by all means space in a generation, improve and maintain the vacuum device. Vacuum pump can be defined as: the use of mechanical, physical, chemical or physical methods of chemical container being drawn to obtain the vacuum exhaust devices or equipment. With the development of vacuum applications, vacuum pump, has developed a variety of species, and its pumping speed to rise from a few tenths per second per second, hundreds of thousands, millions of liters.Works by vacuum pump, vacuum pump is basically divided into two types, namely, trapping gas transfer pumps and gas pumps. With the application of vacuum technology in the production and scientific research in the application of pressure to its wide range of increasingly demanding, most of the need for the vacuum extraction system composed of several common vacuum pump after pumping to meet the requirements of production and scientific research process, due to Vacuum Applications, the work involved in a wide range of pressure, so any type of vacuum pumps are not fully applicable to all the working pressure range, only depending on the operating pressure range and different work requirements, the use of different types of Vacuum pump.In order to use the convenience and needs of a variety of vacuum process, and sometimes their performance requirements of all kinds of vacuum pump combine to unit type applications.

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