Working principle of vacuum packaging machine

With the improvement of the degree of automation, the operation, maintenance and daily maintenance of the packaging machine are more convenient and simple, and the professional skill requirements of the operator are reduced. The quality of the product packaging is directly related to the temperature system, the accuracy of the host speed, and the stability of the tracking system.

How vacuum packaging machines work

After the product is contained in the packaging container, the air in the container is evacuated to a predetermined degree of vacuum, and the machine that completes the sealing process is called a vacuum packaging machine.

Vacuum packaging machines are mainly used to package products that are easily oxidized, mildewed or easily deteriorated by moisture, to prolong the use of the product or to prevent rusting of delicate parts or instruments, such as mustard, sausage packing etc.

food processing

Films or composites commonly used in vacuum packaging should have certain air tightness, pressure resistance, mechanical adaptability, and the like.

Vacuum packaging machines are relatively diverse, usually divided into: mechanical extrusion, intubation and so on.

The vacuum packaging principle of mechanical extrusion vacuum packaging machine is as follows:

After the packaging bag is filled, the air inside the bag is mainly removed by elastic articles such as sponge on both sides, and then sealed and sealed, which is called a mechanical squeeze type. This method is the simplest, but has a low vacuum and is used in applications where different degrees of vacuum are required.

The vacuum packaging principle of the intubation vacuum packaging machine is: inserting the exhaust pipe from the opening of the bag, opening the exhaust valve, vacuuming the vacuum pump, and sealing the package after reaching the predetermined vacuum degree is called intubation vacuum packaging. . If inflated, close the exhaust valve after vacuuming and open the inflation valve for inflation.

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