Vacuum Pump Performance Parameters

1) vacuum pump ultimate pressure
The ultimate pressure pump unit is Pa, the pump means at the entrance of the cover in accordance with a standard test conditions prescribed work, without the introduction of a working gas, the pressure tends to a stable minimum.
2) vacuum pumping rate
Pump unit is pumping speed m3/s or l/s, is equipped with a standard test finger pump cover, when the conditions of work in accordance with regulations, flowing from the test cover gas flow and cover the specified location in the test measured equilibrium pressure ratio. Referred pumping speed.
Exhaust volume 3) vacuum pump
Vacuum pump suction capacity units Pa m3/s or Pa l/s. Refers to the pump inlet gas flow rate.
4) starting pressure pump
Starting the vacuum pump unit of pressure as Pa, it refers to the pump pressure and there is no damage to the starter when the suction effect.
5) pump before the pressure
Vacuum foreline pressure unit is Pa, it refers to the exhaust pressure is lower than the vacuum pump outlet pressure of one atmosphere.
The maximum pre-pressure
6)Maximum vacuum port foreline pressure ,Maximum vacuum port foreline pressure unit is Pa, it refers to more than make the damaged pump foreline pressure.
7) The maximum working pressure of the vacuum pump unit is Pa, it refers to the corresponding to the maximum amount of exhaust inlet pressure. Under this pressure, the pump can work continuously without deterioration or damage.
8) compression ratio
Compression ratio refers to the ratio of a given gas outlet pressure and the inlet pressure of the pump.
9) Ho coefficient
Actual pumping speed and the theoretical premises calculated by molecular effusion pumping speed of the pump suction channel area than on.
10) pumping speed factor
Actual pumping speed of the pump at the entrance by the theoretical calculation of molecular effusion pumping speed ratio.
11) reflux rate
Pump reflux rate units g/cms. It refers to the condition when the pump work required by the pump inlet mass flow per unit area of the pump flow rate.
12) allows the amount of water vapor ,liquid ring vacuum pump
Allow water vapor per unit is kg/h, which means that the pump under normal environmental conditions, the gas ballast pump can pump during continuous operation of the steam mass flow rate in addition.
13) The maximum allowable vapor inlet pressure
The maximum allowable vapor inlet pressure unit is Pa. It means that under normal ambient conditions, the gas ballast pump in continuous operation can draw a maximum inlet pressure of water vapor in addition.

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