Performance characteristics and working principle of vacuum suction station

Vacuum suction station based on one or two liquid ring vacuum pumps as vacuum suction equipment, vacuum tank as sets of vacuum storage systems.

The performance characteristics of vacuum suction station:

(1) vacuum suction station since the first time you start, all operation process can realize automatic control.Throughout its working process, the vacuum system of vacuum always fluctuates up and down in the permissible range, and its range can be adjusted according to the needs of users.If the vacuum degree is lower than the setting value, alarm will be issued a warning.

(2) vacuum suction station under the condition of unmanned to automatic control , vacuum system in a power outage can be automatically closed vacuum system.

(3) the vacuum negative pressure station equipped with a steam separator, which can save water and reduce environmental pollution.

Working principle of vacuum suction station: first set the upper and lower limit of vacuum system (such as the upper limit set at 0.08 MPa, the lower limit set at 0.06 MPa), start the system, including one liquid ring vacuum pump starts to work, until the vacuum degree of vacuum tank is higher than the upper limit to 0.08 MPa, the vacuum pump automatically stops running, vacuum tank vacuum by automatic non-return valve by automatically, such as vacuum degree of vacuum tank because of work demand fell to below the lower limit value to 0.06 MPa, the other a vacuum pump automatic start, until the vacuum inside the tank vacuum at the ceiling to 0.08 MPa, so again and again to run automatically, the vacuum degree of vacuum tank kept between the upper and lower limit.

For frequent use of vacuum source and the volume is not too big occasions, use the vacuum negative pressure than directly using the vacuum pump station system greatly save the energy, and effectively improve the service life of vacuum pump.

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