How to prevent vacuum pump exhaust pipe explosion phenomenon?

Through the analysis of the causes of the accident , and in order to effectively eliminate the vacuum exhaust pipe fulmination phenomenon, adopted a series of safety precautions.

1, the filter

In the vacuum pump to draw air in the process, there will be some small amount of material and to the residue, etc. on the pump suction valves, while the vacuum valve on the pump also stained some sticky oil. These substances occur a long time at high temperature carbonization, the formation of coke, the case of flammable gas mixture under certain conditions, can easily lead to detonation, release form the fulmination out through the exhaust pipe. To eliminate this phenomenon, can be installed in the pump track forward trachea filters, dust or residue on the filter, and the filter facility cleaned regularly to ensure good performance of the device. Meanwhile, the entire pump maintenance to be carried out in a timely manner on the valve to clean up. Practice has proved that this work is best carried out once every three months.

2, cooling

Due to continuous pump piston in the cylinder reciprocating pump cause overheating, carbonized material to provide the conditions for the final induced accidents. To avoid this situation, requiring workers before the first open pump pump cooling system, and to ensure that the system out of the water line unimpeded. Because no open cooling water pump led to the main reason for high temperature induced accidents have a strong sense of duty workers, in violation of operating procedures, negligence.

3, washing and buffer

Before adding water and vacuum buffer tank, can more effectively eliminate the residual liquid sucked, while the mixed air also have some cooling effect. However, in practical work will often appear as two phenomena: First, when the tank is less residual volume, there will be a small amount of liquid feed pump suction, carbonized material occurs at high temperatures; Second, when the residue when the amount is more, if not promptly discharge, vacuum suction feed solution is likely to occur Chong pump, resulting in greater equipment accidents. Therefore, in the production process requires workers to have a strong sense of responsibility, timely discharge residue, to avoid accidents.

4, the exhaust pipe is not blocked or unblocked to prevent

The exhaust pipe is not blocked or unblocked may cause gas mixture containing methanol vapor emissions can not be obtained in a timely manner, accumulated to a certain extent, it will force the leakage occurred fulmination, or even explode. The reason for this phenomenon is more likely due to design flaws, resulting in a relatively low position of the exhaust pipe with water or oil product tube; it may be due to some human factors or natural factors, such as the outlet valve is not open or open enough cover from the storm collapsed and so lead to poor exhaust. Therefore, in the design of the vacuum pump position, the design of the overall position and related accessories exhaust pipe is also more important.

5. Emission Control

Vacuum to prevent the occurrence of fulmination, strengthening emission control measures for safety technology is a very important. The vacuum pump exhaust emissions mainly contains a large amount of methanol vapor mixed gas. A drunk according to the physicochemical characteristics and work practices, the buffer tank first before installing a condensing unit or sets (-10 ℃ general use around the ice brine), mixed gas is condensed; secondly, the overall exhaust pipe exhaust is also mounted on a condensing means for condensing the final exhaust gas, thereby reducing the concentration of methanol vapor in the exhaust gas to the lower explosion limit or less, but can also protect the environment. However, in the condensation process to properly control the flow of condensate, if traffic is too small, easily lead to condensation ineffective, if the amount of traffic, it is easy to cause clogging due to excessive condensate pipeline, the impact of vacuum effect.

In summary, taking these safety precautions can effectively prevent the occurrence of fulmination vacuum phenomenon. Of course, to ensure the safe operation of the true vacuum, in addition to taking these safety precautions, but also must proceed from a wide range of people, goods, and management efforts to improve the quality of skills and safety of the operator.

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