Rapid Vacuum Equipment is widely used

Quality refractory suppress rapid vacuum equipment that suppress spall and crack defects occur brick by hydraulic pressing process caused by inadequate exhaust. Even after the completion of the exhaust stroke, in the conventional molding pressure will cause the remaining brick spall. Use of the exhaust stroke limitations, due to the binder when the brick and the brick having a particle structure used to achieve very high density in particular. In the brick 90 is higher than the density of the theoretical density, spallation may occur frequently. Prior to the withdrawal of the brick mold to prevent compaction of compressed air and ensure uniform distribution of density while effectively preventing spalling. In recent years, has developed a new fast direct role in the mold of a vacuum device, it can be done in the shortest possible time emptying, and the empty space to be reduced to a minimum. Utilizing cutting exhaust stroke, the cycle can remain unchanged, or even can be shortened. Thus while maintaining the same level of output characteristics, a vacuum device to improve the quality of the product. Hydraulic suppress spall crack defect product quality vacuum equipment vacuum system. In the past years, has been a mixture of all kinds of raw materials was investigated molding powder and granular materials. Despite the exhaust stroke, the use of traditional craft still suppress recurring spall and crack.

This experience has prompted the establishment of different molds and vacuum pump technology, and the cost and cycle time were optimized. The following details the physical phenomena which aspects of how the underlying causes spall suppression by the use of vacuum technology to prevent spalling bricks pressed to obtain a high-density, vacuum technology, what is the potential of today’s technology to suppress raw material mixture problem is entrained air. When the air is not discharged from the material beforehand, in the compaction process air is compressed. Highly compressed air is usually completed by the plunger to counteract the exhaust stroke. Compression process in stages, allowing the compressed air to escape from the mold pressed body. In the following cases, however, the use of compacted body spallation of the small particle component to prevent escape of gas will occur. When the bulk density is very tall brick theoretical density suppress these factors lead directly pressing the refractory bricks there are special problems, in particular, to obtain especially high-density, since the mixture contains many different components, but also because the use of a synthetic resin such as asphalt even the combination of vacuum technology in principle as a solution to this problem has been identified, but so far have been fairly high costs hinder its widespread application.

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