High vacuum coating equipment environmental requirements

Since high vacuum coating equipment works under vacuum conditions, the equipment must meet the requirements of vacuum for the environment. The industry standards for various types of vacuum coating equipment formulated (including general technical conditions for vacuum coating equipment, vacuum ion coating equipment, vacuum sputtering coating equipment, and vacuum evaporation coating equipment) have clearly stipulated environmental requirements in China. Only by meeting the environmental requirements of the vacuum coating equipment can the equipment operate normally, and with the correct coating process, can the qualified coating products be produced.

The environmental requirements of vacuum generally include the requirements of vacuum equipment for the temperature of the laboratory (or workshop), the surrounding environment such as particles in the air, and the requirements for parts or surfaces in a vacuum state or in a vacuum. These two aspects are closely related. The quality of the surrounding environment directly affects the normal use of the vacuum equipment, and whether the vacuum chamber of the vacuum equipment or the parts loaded in it is cleaned directly affects the performance of the equipment. If the air contains a lot of water vapor and dust, and the vacuum chamber has not been cleaned, it is difficult to achieve the desired vacuum degree by using an oil-sealed mechanical pump to pump air. As we all know, oil-sealed mechanical pumps are not suitable for pumping gases that are corrosive to metals, chemically reactive to vacuum oil, and contain particulate dust. Water vapor is a condensable gas. When the pump pumps out a large amount of condensable gas, the pollution of the pump oil will be more serious. As a result, the ultimate vacuum of the pump will drop and the pumping performance of the pump will be destroyed.

High vacuum coating equipment environmental requirements

The normal working conditions of vacuum coating equipment are:

① Ambient temperature 10~30°C;

② The relative humidity is not more than 70%;

③ The cooling water inlet temperature is not higher than 25°C;

④ Cooling water quality: City tap water or water of equivalent quality;

⑤Power supply voltage: 380V, 50Hz,3phase or 220V,50Hz,1phase (depending on the needs of the electrical appliances used), voltage fluctuation range 342~399V or 198~231V, frequency fluctuation range 49~51Hz;

⑥The pressure, temperature and consumption should be stated in the product instruction manual;

⑦ The environment around the equipment is clean and the air is clean. There should be no dust or gas that may cause surface corrosion of electrical appliances and other metal parts or cause electrical conduction between metals.

In addition, the laboratory or workshop where the vacuum coating equipment is located should be kept clean and hygienic. The floor is terrazzo or wooden painted floor, dust-free. In order to prevent the gas discharged from the mechanical pump from polluting the laboratory environment, it can be used at the exhaust port of the pump. Install an exhaust pipe (metal, rubber pipe) on the surface to discharge the gas outside.

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