The introduction ZJPS roots water ring vacuum pump system

Roots liquid ring vacuum system is mainly roots vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump as the backing pump series.Roots water ring vacuum unit is choose water ring vacuum pump as the backing pump is more better than other vacuum pump, it overcomes the single water ring pump when using the limit pressure difference (extreme pressure of the unit has greatly improved than water ring pump), a disadvantage of low extraction rate under certain pressure, while retaining the roots pump can work quickly, has the advantages of larger extraction rate.

Especially can adapt to pumping large amounts of condensable vapor, especially when the gas ballast mechanical vacuum pump oil seal steam out of condensable sex ability is not enough, or the use of solvent can make pump oil deterioration and impact performance, or the vacuum system does not allow oil pollution is more apparent.

When equipped with explosion-proof motors and electrical appliances, and comply with the relevant safety rules, can also be pumping flammable and explosive gases.So the roots pump and water ring pump unit is widely used in the chemical industry in vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation crystallization, dehydration;The freeze drying in food industry;Pharmaceutical industry vacuum drying;Textile industrial polyester slice;High altitude simulation test of vacuum system.

Roots water ring vacuum unit, roughly the following several types:

Roots – water ring pump (1) : the role of water ring pump unit roots pump is needed to prepare a vacuum, in general, single stage water ring pump ultimate vacuum is not high, but at present, the production of roots pump requirements of vacuum and high, so in fact generally don’t use single stage water ring pump as backing pump of roots pump, with low limit pressure of two stage water ring pump used as backing pump, can also reduce the limit pressure of the unit.

A roots pump and a water ring pump pressure limit is 400 pa, can meet the demand of the general vacuum, but the scope is limited by a certain, if use two roots pump series and water ring pump combination, can greatly improve the ultimate pressure of the unit (up to 25 pa).Reason is usually seen in this type of reoccupy after two roots pump series of dual stage pump as backing pump unit.If you need higher limit pressure, can use three roots pump and water ring pump combination, its ultimate pressure can reach 1 pa.

(2) if the tertiary roots water ring unit can’t satisfy the limit pressure of roots pump, water ring pump can be used in parallel mechanical vacuum pump;This unit is mainly used to need to deal with a large amount of water vapor, time is long and ultimate vacuum requirement very high vacuum system, such as in vacuum drying.

For processing large amounts of water vapor in the vacuum system, the use of liquid ring vacuum pumpis more appropriate, but due to its ultimate vacuum is not high, the ultimate vacuum of the unit (relatively) low.Although in demanding higher vacuum degree of vacuum system, the need to limit vacuum high mechanical vacuum pump used as backing pump.Gas ballast can be mechanical vacuum pump and water ring pump in parallel, as the backing pump of roots pump.Vacuum drying, the first water ring pump drainage, until a substantial reduction in water vapor, and then start the gas ballast mechanical vacuum pump, to cut off the water ring pump.If need longer time to complete drying, cooling water and power required is less.

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