Specialized silicone oil of Diffusion pump

EVP Diffusion pump silicon oil use high quality base oil and imported additives deployment is a Ideal lubricating material, widely used in China’s military enterprises, display industry, lighting industry, solar industry, coating industry, refrigeration industry.


Extremely low saturated vapor pressure at room temperatures and limited vacuum reaches 1*10-9Kpa.

Excellent thermal stability and high temperature resustance so that it has the ability to keep oxidization stability under 200 oC with metal catalyst.

Good performance regarding pumping speed and reflux rate.

Better oxidation stability than that of the mineral oil if exposen to the air.

Radiation resistance and low inflammability.


Can be used as ultrahigh vacuum diffusion pump oil in electncal,metallurgical and instrument industries.

Used as carrier fluid for heat carrier or instrument.

Used as working fluid of diffusion pump with uitrahing requirements in the electronics. aeronautics and nuclear industry.

Typical data:

Note: The data above values of typical samples only. Product properties should refer to actual measurement.

Package: 1L/Canteen、 124Canteen /Case

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Edited by: Lany SHEN (EVP Vacuum Solution)

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