What vacuum pump commonly used in salt industry?

Since the 1950s, China’s salt industry has experienced great changes in production after the United States and the Soviet Union. For salt, they use multi-effect evaporation process,  increasing the effective temperature difference ,then to increase production, energy saving, and the first effect of the low pressure steam pressure, temperature basically stable, improving space is limited, so the final effect is to maximize the degree of vacuum to achieve their goals.

So in the process of production how to improve the salt vacuum of it? The choice of what type of pump has to meet the needs salt process it? Aiming at this problem of some breakdown:

The main features of the model and the vacuum pump :

Vacuum Pump Model classification widely in salt industry pump applications are: water ring vacuum pump, Roots vacuum pumps, reciprocating pumps and steam jet vacuum pump. Its main features are:

(1) water ring vacuum pump – the liquid ring vacuum pump can be used alone, can extract containing water vapor or corrosive gases, but in the salt industry, the limited capacity of non-condensable gas row, when the displacement is not enough, the vacuum effect in general;the role of the water ring vacuum pump in the purification of coarse salt,Salt water ring vacuum pump used to remove chlorine, impurities, concentration, crystallization, liquid ring vacuum pump or water ring vacuum unit is better

(2) Roots pumping – the roots vacuum pump is generally not used alone, often used in tandem with the water ring vacuum pump is used as a vacuum unit, has the advantage of high vacuum, no pressure steam consumption, better ability to discharge non-condensable gas, but rotor, impeller after serious corrosion, less effective, repair and maintenance difficulties, the need to choose when anti-corrosion material selection;

(3) reciprocating pumps – the biggest drawback is the vulnerability of large, piston ring wearing, poor sealing;

(4) steam jet vacuum pump – Salt manufacturers commonly used vacuum effect is good and stable, with little repair and maintenance, but the effect of foreign vapor jet pump better than domestic.

These pumps are mainly used in salt industry,customers need to choose the vacuum pump accoriding to their detail requirements,more information about the vacuum pump and vacuum system ,please contact us freely.


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