Vacuum pump application in lifting equipment

We all know Vacuum pump is widely applied to all kinds of industries , the concrete application is not very understanding, today we through this article to learn simple under vacuum pump in the application of lifting equipment , the friend want to know might as well come with me.

Vacuum lifting equipment is produced by various types of vacuum pump products by using vacuum and pressure difference between atmospheric pressure to attract and lifting.

Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump vacuum tank and the vacuum controller combined with vacuum, pressure produced by the complete vacuum lifting equipment can be evenly distributed to several suction cups, so the vacuum lifting equipment can be any shape on the plane.

Usually this kind of vacuum lifting equipment can be used in suction vacuum packed in food industry, chemical products, a variety of materials, floor slab, road cement foam rapid blot, machine tool fixture, all kinds of glass, sucking, vacuuming.Hospital when doing abortion can be produced by using a vacuum pump vacuum attract fetus with: sputum suction can also, pleural effusion, pus, intestinal absorption, and other large and medium-sized hospitals need to use the vacuum negative pressure generated by the vacuum unit.

Using small vacuum pump product structure is simple, easy to operation and maintenance lighter weight easy to carry, no noise and vibration during the operation, high working efficiency, and the main features such as no pollution to the environment.So all kinds of rotary vane vacuum pump has a broad range of application and prospect.if you want to know more about the vacuum pump,liquid ring vacuum pump , rotary piston vacuum pump and other pumps can pay attention to other articles.

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