Introduction of the vacuum technology and vacuum systems

Vacuum technology is widely used in various processes, such as vacuum melting furnace, RH vacuum treatment, vacuum coating, vacuum distillation, concentrated in vacuo, vacuum welding, vacuum casting, vacuum coating, vacuum surface treatment, vacuum cathode ray tube, vacuum drying, vacuum sterilization, food packaging, development and utilization of solar energy, particle accelerators, controlled nuclear fusion and aerospace and so on. Used to obtain specific requirements and measuring the degree of vacuum pumping system called vacuum system.


Used in a variety of different processes of a vacuum system, a wide range is divided into two categories. First, a dynamic vacuum system, which relies on the continuous operation of vacuum apparatus, the exhaust gas continuously into the system to obtain a stable vacuum. The gas flows within the system, the entire pressure vary. The second is a static vacuum system. It has nothing to with the outside world through the point, after the establishment of the vacuum pump can not be maintained for a long time, the system pressure is equal everywhere .


Vacuum apparatus body by the vacuum system (e.g. vacuum furnace, the vacuum container, etc.), a vacuum pump, cold trap, vacuum manifold, valve, gauge, and filter bellows and other components

Vacuum pump is the heart of the system, the industry generally use mechanical pumps, booster pumps and diffusion pumps.

Mechanical pumps include rotary vane vacuum pumps, fixed vane pump, rotary piston pump, water ring vacuum pumps, screw pumps, etc., can be used alone as a main pump low vacuum system can also be used as pre-high vacuum pump system.


Oil diffusion pump working pressure 1.3×10-1 ~ 6.7x104Pa (no cold trap) and 1.3×10-5 ~ 1.3×10-7Pa (cold trap) As can be used as the main pump high vacuum systems. Runtime must be equipped with front pump. Mechanical pump 1pa following poor performance. In order to better fit with the diffusion pump, between the mechanical pump and diffusion pump booster pump can be set. You can choose Roots booster pump and booster pump oil and so on. For ultra-high and high vacuum system, there are molecular pumps, suction pump, Chin pumps and cryogenic pumps and other options.


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