Pump Manufacturing in China has Ample Room for Foreign Market

Pump market and change dynamically according to the user’s needs. The main driver of market growth from the rapid development of the semiconductor industry and the growing dry pump and molecular pump applications.

China’s production of vacuum pump manufacturers a lot, all sales of about 150 million yuan vacuum equivalent to only about a company with annual sales of US Kinney vacuum pump. Through the global pump market analysis we can see all kinds of markets and applications, vacuum pumps are constantly changing and developing. Our vacuum pump manufacturing industry has a long history and strong foundation, made really pumps have been used in various fields and have proven, some pumps are exported abroad by foreign user acceptance and has been well received, it should be said that our manufacturing pumps at home and abroad market still has huge development space.

1 liquid ring  vacuum pump

Although the liquid ring vacuum pumps are rough, but in the field of petroleum, chemical, power, textile, paper, pharmaceutical and other country still has a great market. Sales in foreign liquid ring pump 14% of all market after dry vacuum pump, so Nash, Seimems and Kinney and other companies have invested in our plant or the establishment of sales network, expanding market share in the country. As most of the liquid ring pump casting, machining requirements are not high labor-intensive products, so domestic liquid ring pumps have a competitive advantage in terms of price, the key is to improve the design, reduce the size, weight, improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption .

rotary piston vacuum pump

Because of the rotary piston pump more durable, reliable, domestic variety of vacuum furnaces, coating and drying machines, and other equipment are impregnated with rotary piston pump as a backing pump, but the rotary piston pump casting heavy processing workload is high, each foreign vacuum plants are looking for partners in China. To make homemade rotary piston pump can enter the international market, we must further reduce vibration and noise of the pump and injector to prevent oil spills in order to improve the reliability of long-running rotary piston pump.

rotary vane vacuum pump

With vacuum technology continues to expand in various application areas, the demand for rotary vane vacuum pump is growing. Because of this many number of pumps, processing and assembly of the heavy workload, the price is very low, so some foreign manufacturers to establish a professional vacuum pump factory in China. Small domestic rotary vane vacuum pump is technically had passed and the price is also cheaper than abroad pump, so the domestic pump still have a competitive advantage, the key is to solve the problem of seal leakage and performance quality materials and rotary vane vacuum pump oil to ensure high-speed, stable and reliable performance ability, but also further improve the domestic rotary vane vacuum pump pumping water vapor at high temperature direct the pump.

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