Sewage Pump Continuous Positive Business Development

Since 2004the average annual growth rate of the pump industry remained at around 20%During the second fiveChina’s urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities planning investment of nearly 430 billion yuanAmong them, 427.1 billion yuan investment in the construction of various facilitiesfacility construction investment of 2.7 billion yuan regulatory capacityInvestment in infrastructure constructionincluding the improvement and new network investment 244.3 billion yuan, the new urban sewage treatment capacity to invest 104 billion yuanthe upgrading of urban sewage treatment plant invested 13.7 billion yuansludge treatment and disposal facilities to invest 34.7 billion yuanand recycled water facilities construction investment 30.4 billion yuan.

According to “China Pump Investment Analysis and Forecast Report 2014-2018,” pointed out that China pumps andvacuum equipment manufacturing industry, “second five” period will remain around 20% of the market growth ratethe sales volume in 2015 will be in 1587 billion. Recently, the National Development and Reform CommissionMinistry of Finance,Ministry of Industry jointly announced the transformerfan, pump, compressor of the first four energy-saving products to promote the directory, the introduction of this policy is of great significance for the development of a centrifugal pumpmanufacturing industryIn addition, investment in sewage treatment equipmentand pump about 15 percent of totalinvestment in machinery and equipment, and a pro rata basisthe demand for urban sewage treatment pumps in the field will be about 60 billion yuan in the next three years, there are nearly 40 billion market demand, good market prospects.

Meanwhile, the four forces of industrialization, urbanization, and globalization driven reform, China’s equipment manufacturing valves broad prospectsThe next 10 years, the domestic thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, large-scale petrochemical, oil and gas gathering and transportation pipelines, coal liquefaction and metallurgical and other majorconstruction projects supporting the valve new product development focus will be expected to lead the entire valve marketgrowth.

Kill a thousand since the loss of eight hundred

Although the momentum of the current status of development of the industry Masamori ballnational support policiescontinue to tilt the manufacturing sector, the market demand has continued to increase, because the intense competitionwithin the industry also makes the domestic valve industry valve coherent technical excellenceBut many confounding factorsshowed that the development prospects of the valve industry is not optimisticmore than 50% of global production of valvesbut the price of foreign products are often 5-10 times that of similar products in the competitive high-end market is weakindustry development issues more.

Size of the domestic enterprises around the valve between the valve industry around because of productivity and market supply and demand, the price war is inevitableThis makes the domestic industry as a whole slide valve profitability difficultsituation, the market is becoming increasingly chaotic order.

Moreover, China’s vacuum valve business to low-levelsmall-scale, family-owned enterprises, the production of low-quality mass products. Production of various valves widespread leakage, internal leakage, the appearance quality is not high, short life, the operation is not flexible and electric valve actuators and pneumatic devices are not reliable shortcomingssome of the products is equivalent to the international level of the early ’80s of the last century . In the high-end technology, there is still a wide gap between domestic enterprises and foreign manufacturersso the technology will be a bottleneck restricting our valve products development.

In addition, companies in the process of going outKill a thousand, since the loss of eight hundred” phenomenon more often than notCurrently, the Chinese manufacturer landing point is limited to Ethiopia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq and parts ofSoutheast Asia. The market is smallthe decision-making process all depends on the pricelimited profit margins. The large number of domestic enterprises, in order to gain a firm foothold overseasprice competition is helpless.

Innovative technology innovation for the first

Insiders said valve business effectively clear understanding of the status quo only industry, continue to strengthen optimize their products to enhance the sense of urgency, strengthen corporate culture and market service concept, only to do a steadydemand fast, fast in refinement, refinement Striving in order to allow enterprises to survive in an increasingly competitive tidevalve industryand development. Now society is the era of information explosiona competitor in the product meet the inevitable presence of competition in the industry, for some enterprises, but is a good thing. Because of competitionenterprises to improve product qualityimprove service quality, consumers with less money to get a better or more spendingand services. Market is a sieveand progress in the development of the industrythe enterprise market is also the industry’ssurvival of the fittest.

Meanwhile, for some competitive large enterprises, through competition, firm size getting bigger, and becoming more and more high visibilityBut for some do not have competitive small and medium terms, it may be at risk of being merged orclosed downIn the increasingly fierce valve market, the company has a core competence in order to gain a foothold in themarketinnovation has become a tool for winning business market.

The measure of whether a company has advanced, an important indicator of the market with a competitive level of technology, strong technical innovation ability, can only produce quality products. Thereforethe development of industrialvalve core technology will become the key to the development of our country valve companies need to strengthen technicalinnovationeliminate backward production capacity, and enhance market competitiveness in order to expand the space for development.    

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