Liquid ring vacuum pumps market positioning

Liquid ring vacuum pumps market positioning

Throughout the development of the market potential for liquid ring vacuum pumps, scalability is relatively large, after so many years of use, the water pump has been standing in front of several products in the field of vacuum, which also proved its highly practical, generally able to meet the needs of industry production, and now some of the water ring pumps are also gradually develop the concept of environmental protection, energy efficiency also have a more prominent effect, such a trend will certainly be recognized as a market, will bring more range of use space.

Changes in the market from the perspective of the liquid ring vacuum pump, is nothing more than the product quality requirements of enterprises to be higher, the daily maintenance for the china liquid ring pump,and easy to do, to deal with failure to timely, user demand is basically several aspects, so that they just do the basic work, increase product quality, reliability, and this is a product in the future development of the lay, the only way to capture the market, will be accepted by users, to become the exclusive advantage of any production facilities in vacuum products.

With the development of science and technology, the application of water ring pump is more and more large,Because the development of coal mines, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper and other industries, for water ring vacuum pumps require more development to large-scale areas. In the year 2000, the amount of energy produced in the extraction 100m3 / min above the water ring vacuum pump is only 3-4 companies, the national annual nor out dozens. But only after three years, to 2003, the country can produce 100m3 / min or larger pump up more than 10 manufacturers (of which only the Zibo area alone 7–8 home), according to incomplete statistics, the country’s large pump output reached more than a few hundred,

These products are mainly used

(1) coal industry

Because countries to enhance coal mine safety requirements, and therefore the water ring vacuum pumps, especially for large water ring vacuum pump for pumping methane gas has become the coal industry the necessary security requirements,

In addition, since the rapid increase in coal production, coal washing, coal preparation vacuum filter used also to large-scale development, mostly in the eighties with the exhaust volume of 27m3 / min the SZ-4 type water ring vacuum pump, which in was also larger. And in recent years, coal filter are optional exhaust volume 80–150m3 / min large water ring vacuum pump, and some reach 200m3 / min or more, but also inherit a tendency to increase volume.

(2) the liquid ring pump for chemical industry a) the chlor-alkali industry b) the fertilizer industry

Phosphate fertilizer industry, especially the production of China’s economic macro-control is the key support of industry, because of new projects and the transformation of old enterprises were above the level of scale-based, so large, extra large water ring vacuum pumps in this has also been applications, such as a phosphate fertilizer companies in Yunnan a transformation on the new exhaust volume 300m3 / min of three large water ring pumps.

In addition, there are many fertilizer companies process requirements at a pressure of absolute pressure 80– when lOOhPa, the still greater pumping capacity, thus two water ring vacuum pumps and two water with air ejector ring vacuum pumps used in this kinds of conditions, it has a unique advantage, a lot of fertilizer companies large and out of high noise and vibration reciprocating vacuum pumps, replaced with a two-stage water ring vacuum pump, and received good results, we can say two water ring vacuum pumps in the industry will be more widely applied

Liquid ring vacuum pumps market is unlimited, but to seize this market, you do not wait for the market to prospects, first before the changes in the market for the product on research and development, product constantly inject new technology, only by the quality of products in order to win the market and win customers.

So ,we know the important market position for liquid ring vacuum pump.


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