The prospect of vacuum pump in the food drying industry

The so-called vacuum pump, it is a device to use a variety of methods in a closed space improve and maintain vacuum,At present, the vacuum pump is widely used in plastic machinery, pesticide chemical, dyes, brick machine, low temperature equipment , papermaking machinery, medicine chemical industry, industrial furnace, electronic industry, vacuum equipment, fertilizer, foundation treatment, etc.With the improvement of people’s material life level, is becoming more and more attention to food safety, in the coming years, vacuum equipment in the food industry will continue to expand the application range.

Vacuum freeze drying technology has experienced decades of technical bottleneck, finally in the last 20 years has made breakthrough progress.In the 21st century, the vacuum freeze-drying technology relies on the incomparable virtues than the other drying methods, more and more get the favour of people.Vacuum freezing adopts mechanical vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump , oil seal rotary vane vacuum pump or a roots vacuum pump and air jet vacuum pump, two kinds of water ring pump, the main difference is that the former can’t pumping steam, so higher requirements on the cold trap efficiency, benefit is small energy consumption, the latter is just the opposite, can pump a small amount of water vapor, the disadvantage is that energy consumption is bigger.If, to combine the advantages of the two ways to think, and will remove bad ones, will be vacuum industry research object.

Vacuum freeze drying equipment, can maximum limit preserve food the original color, flavor, shape, and save food nutrients and active substances, original and no preservatives, can make the food more health and safety.The principle of which is mainly the moisture in food in plasma junction and directly by solid state under the condition of vacuum distillation and dry, not after the evaporation of the liquid.The core part is dry, then the whole process of sublimation is under the background of vacuum.

At present, the vacuum drying technology level there is still a gap with foreign, our company points out that the vacuum industry in our country enterprise should communicate with extensively, especially should strengthen the close combination of academia and industry is one of the important factors that make drying technology in our country catching-up completely with the international level of advanced countries.In addition, the vacuum freeze drying technology in addition to the accidents in the food industry are promising, in biological engineering, medicine industry has great development prospects.As for the preservation of the skin, bones, or medicine for serum and plasma to extend shelf life play a role.Its scale and field application is still in growing.To this end, the vacuum freeze drying will become an important application technology of the 21st , more and more vacuum pumps need applied to all kinds of industries , such as liquid ring vacuum pump , rotary vane vacuum pump , rotary piston vacuum pump , roots vacuum pump and so on.

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