Choose what kind of vacuum pump ​in coal mining industry?

Choose what kind of vacuum pump in coal mining industry? 

In coal mines is generally used 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump , available to ultimate vacuum of 3300Pa, within tens of seconds to start the pumps, drainage arrangement shown in Figure 1. The water ring vacuum pump is an axial single-acting structural type, impeller and pump body relative to the eccentric mounting, therefore, when the impeller is rotated, water is thrown around by the impeller, due to centrifugal force, the water to form a decision on the shape of the pump chamber approximates etc. within the thickness of a closed water loop, the upper part of the surface water ring coincided with the impeller Yi tangent, within the lower part of the water just touching the surface of the ring with the blade tips (in fact, the blades in the water, there is a certain ring insertion depth). Yi ring between the impeller and water to form a crescent-shaped space, press the blade separated into several mutually unintelligible, ranging from the closed chamber volume, with the impeller rotation.

If the upper impeller as a starting point, then the volume of the impeller rotating 180 ° when the small chamber from small to big, and with the end face of the intake port connected, this time the gas is inhaled, when the suction end of the small chamber and suction port isolation; when the impeller continues to rotate, the small chamber into small, so that the gas is compressed; when the small chamber communicates with the exhaust port, the gas will be discharged outside the pump. Vacuum suction pipe with the first stage of the main pump pump shell connection. Vacuum pump drainage ditch guide inside the pump house, vacuum seal to keep the water supply pipe in the pump seal water, set up a one-way valve in the balance chamber leads vent pipes. Open the valve before starting the pump, and then start the vacuum pump, when the solenoid valve to the pump automatically open irrigation. Four mine pump room wall tank designed specifically for pump irrigation 1m3.

2BV liquid ring vacuum pump centrifugal pump can achieve a bottomless drain valve, set the tank, artificial irrigation, water requirements of small, but the vacuum pump and motor to occupy floor space, and one with a prepared. There are also two pump start time difference, according to the actual situation of the mine is free to use, can achieve economic operation, energy efficient, consistent (coal mine drainage design specifications) requirements.

Vacuum pumps used in automation equipment
In recent years, more and more widespread application of vacuum pumps, efficient, clean, small, economical vacuum system, the vacuum technology to promote the application of automation equipment, such as high cleanliness of 2xz series rotary vane vacuum pumps, small and convenient, but the degree of vacuum high 2X type rotary vane vacuum pump, etc., are often used to make the vacuum suction cups, vacuum jig can be smoothly and reliably adsorption artifacts, but also easy to damage the workpiece surface. Vacuum pressure as power source, as an important means of machining, has been widely used in the electronic machinery, light industry machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, robots and home appliance manufacturing and many other industries applications.

Any object with a relatively smooth surface, especially for non-metallic objects and not suitable for clamping, such as thin, flexible paper, plastic film, fragile glass and its products, integrated circuits, micro-precision parts, can be used vacuum, complete a variety of work.

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