What issues should pay attention before starting the vacuum pump ?

Start the vacuum pump:

Long-term parking pump before starting , need turn a few weeks with the hand, to confirm the vacuum pump without card letter or other damage phenomenon.Start in the following order (see illustration) equipment.

1) closed inlet pipe gate valve road ;

2) start the motor ( from the transmission direction, the motor to rotate clockwise, the suction mouth is on the right and left for the vent).if there is the mechanical seal vacuum pump , then shall add water for mechanical seal before starting motor;

3) open the valve on the water supply pipe or directly with tap water to pump water gathers up gradually increase water supply, until water supply conforms to specified requirements;

4) when the vacuum pump reaches the limit vacuum or maximum pressure, open the inlet pipe valve between road, the vacuum pump start normal work;

5) adjust the packing gland, make water into drip drip for good;

6) Use the valve to adjust the gas water separator to pump water, so that under the condition of the requirements of technical operation, minimize the power consumption, to achieve performance index, meet the job requirements;

7) adjust the amount of water in water supply pipe to supply gas water separator, in order to use the minimum amount of water consumption, ensure the pump in the required technical specification;

8) vacuum pump working under extreme pressure, the pump may be due to physical effect of the explosion, but power consumption does not increase, to open the valves on the inlet pipe, make it into a small amount of gas, explosion shall disappear.If you don’t disappear explosion, and increase power consumption, suggests that the pump has been down, should stop overhaul,vacuum pump mainly inculde liquid ring vacuum pump , rotary vane vacuum pump , rotary piston vacuum pump , roots vacuum pump ,oil diffusion vacuum pump , dry scroll vacuum pump and so on

9) No matter how to use the vacuum pump ,we shoule pay more attention for daily maintenance of vacuum pumps.choose the oil or check your pump often.


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