The reasons of rotary vane vacuum pump performance decrease

Now many customers buy rotary vane vacuum pump ,before buying,some customer say rotary vane pump vacuum degree can not always reach, or leaking fuel injection and so on, to the production of a lot of unnecessary trouble. So, resulting rotary vane vacuum pump can not reach the degree of reason in the end is how to generate it? The following is an analysis of our technical staff, we can serve as a reference:

Fuel shortage: Under normal circumstances without connecting the exhaust pipe. When pumping large container or long-term gas town, due to the amount of gas entering the direct drive rotary vane pump or double stage rotary pump and more profuse mist exhaust port will enable to reduce the amount of oil. Oil shortage will affect oil pump performance, or even damage to the parts. Remedy is often add new oil.

Oil has contaminated: the vacuum pumpis often used, pump oil will inevitably be dust, moisture or other contaminants contamination. Pump oil pollution will affect the performance, requiring an oil change. Drain intervals are different according to the nature of their actual work pumping gas circumstances, oil change period is usually pumped air to the pump when the actual 1000 to 1500 hours is more appropriate.
When the oil change according to the following guides:

1) completely exhausted old oil pump;
2) After the old oil exhausted, into the exhaust port of the small number of new oil (100 to 200 ml), flush the pump inside the cavity, and then start the oil pump running for a minute, put new oil and then injected to do, if you put out the oil still not clean, it should continue to inject new oil flushing until the pump chamber excluded until the oil is clean;
3) Press the oil capacity of the pump under the new oil is added, so that the oil reaches the center of the oil standard, should pay attention to clean fuel, to prevent dirt mixed with the vacuum pump.

Suction mouth ring damage: the exposed parts of the oil pump has a special bowl seals, air intakes and rear fitted with the “O” ring airtight, may damage after prolonged use, so the emergence of the oil spill leak gas phenomenon, should be replaced seals.

Exhaust valve film damage: the vent chamber at the studio I and II, respectively, provided with oil and rubber valves, pumps in long-term use, the valve due to compression and other reasons, will produce distortion. Thus adverse seal, resulting in leakage affect performance, you should open the pump checked promptly replaced.

Junction seal bad: At this time the pipe joints should be carefully checked to eliminate leaks.

Pump organs, severe pollution: Are clean the pump directly affect the performance of the pump, in the course, the inevitable emergence of a dirty, dirty inside pumps. Should be thoroughly washed with fresh oil, then dried, carefully assembled.

Mechanical damage: after a long run, the stator, rotor, blade wear, seriously affect the volumetric efficiency. In this case, the pump should be repaired or replaced all new after the demolition.

All of them is about vacuum units rotary vane vacuum pumpof reasons for the performance degradation,By understanding these you do not have to worry about the use of a oil sealed  rotary vane pump.

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