How to use rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump is not suitable for suction the air containing too much oxygen, explosive, corrosive gas dust, such as must be working in this kind of situation, the explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, dust and other corresponding measures.
New pump or repair good pump should be separate extraction experiment was carried out, and recorded for later maintenance reference.

Turn on the cooling water, intermittent start (number but not too much, otherwise will burn out motor), slow start the rotary pump, to pump oil cavity ruled out again after the formal operation.

When smoke except for non-condensable gas containing gas ballast valve should be open, to avoid condensation and affect the performance of the vacuum pump, when sex condensable gas should be timely close the gas ballast valve after has been ruled out.Often should pay attention to the voice in the operation of the pump, according to the condition of the motor load is whether correct, 2 normal sad case only have strong micro valve closing valve.

Before parking will be above the pump intake valve closing, disconnect the pump and the vacuum system, and then a parking, cooling water.

When the water pump does not work, such as air temperature is not enough 5 ℃ must release of cooling water in the pump body, so as to avoid frost crack.

How to maintenance the rotary vane vacuum pump

Normal maintenance should be guaranteed for the vacuum pump and the surrounding environment clean, such as some of the oil spill, which reduces the oil level, the impact on the performance of the vacuum pump, can pay attention to add in a timely manner.The new pump work oil change from 100 to 150 hours, later can according to specific situation.Oil change is’ operation is put first the old oil, then add a small amount of the new oil from vent rinse pump chamber, then start the vacuum pump, a few minutes after release.Such as the release of oil is not clean, you must again in the new oil, until clean out the oil from the vacuum pump.

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