Manufacture market development space of china vacuum pump is very huge

Vacuum pump is a enormous quantity wide range of products is very big, but the production output is not high, but it is really a directly affect the vacuum equipment performance quality indispensable based products. Vacuum pump from/ultra high vacuum to coarse/low vacuum, its products can be divided into roughly 14 categories:

high / ultra high vacuum pump- cryogenic pump, molecular pump, sputtering ion pump, titanium sublimation pump, oil diffusion vacuum pump.

Medium vacuum pump -In the dry vacuum pump, double rotary vane pump, roots pump, oil pump, vapor jet pump.

Coarse/low – single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump pump, plunger pump, liquid ring pump, reciprocating vacuum pump.

Vacuum pump according to the needs of users and the market dynamic change. Market growth of the main driving force comes from the rapid development of semiconductor industry and dry pump and molecular pump application field of widening.

manufacturer of vacuum pump in China a lot, all the vacuum pump about 150 million yuan in annual sales equivalent to the American Kinney company annual sales of a vacuum pump. Through the analysis of global vacuum pump market we can see all kinds of vacuum pump market and application fields are constantly changing and developing. Vacuum pump manufacturing industry in China has a long history and strong foundation, domestic really pump has been applied in many different fields and proven, some pumps also exported abroad by the user’s recognition and praise, it should be said that vacuum pump manufacturing industry at home and abroad market in China still has a huge space for development.

1, the liquid ring vacuum pump

Although belongs to the thick liquid ring pump, vacuum pump in our country’s petroleum, chemical, electric power, textile, papermaking, medicine and other fields still has very big market. In a foreign country liquid ring pump sales account for 14% of the total market vacuum pump after dry pump, so Nash, Seimems and Kinney companies invest in China or to establish a sales network, expanding market share in China. Because of the liquid ring pumps are mostly casting, processing requirements is not high also belongs to the labor-intensive products, so the domestic liquid ring pump on price competitive advantage, the key is to improve the design, to reduce the volume, weight, increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption.

2, rotary piston vacuum pumps

Because rotary piston pump is durable, reliable, domestic and international various kinds of vacuum furnace, coating machine and drying, impregnation equipment is done with plunger pump as the backing pump, but plunger pump casting processing workload is bigger, so each vacuum factory abroad looking for partners in China. In order to make homemade rotary piston pump can enter the international market, must further reduce pump vibration noise to eliminate fuel injection and oil spills in order to improve the rotary piston pump long-running reliability.

3, rotary vane vacuum pump

With the expansion of the vacuum technology in various application areas, the demand of rotary vane vacuum pump is more and more big. Because of this vacuum pump number, processing and assembling workload is very big, the price is very low, so some foreign vacuum pump manufacturers set up plants in China. The domestic small and medium-sized rotary vane vacuum pump on the technology and the price had and far cheaper than foreign pump, so domestic pump has a competitive advantage, the key is to solve the shaft seal leakage and rotary vane materials and vacuum pump oil performance quality problems to ensure that straight league pump in high speed, high temperature performance is stable and reliable operation, but also further improve the domestic rotary vane vacuum pump in addition to the ability of water vapor.

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