External Factors for Vacuum Pump System Broken

Vacuum pump system maybe breakdown by some external factors if we have no pay attention on it during operation. So we should learn more about these external factors that can affect vacuum pump system.

1、Effect of steam pressure

The relatively large factor that affecting the vacuum pump system is the steam pressure. The  amplitude of fluctuation of steam pressure is too large will affect the vacuum pump system . The pressure of steam pressure is too low also will affect the vacuum pump system. So the steam pressure should be more than the working pressure. And improving the steam pressure doesn’t increase the volume of suction air and vacuum degree. Because the structure of equipment has been designed.

2、Cooling water

Cooling water has the very important role in the vacuum equipment. And it also have the great impact on the use of vacuum pump system. The condensate will be fully condensed the steam so that the partial pressure of discharge pressure of the water vapor must be higher than its full steam Pressure. So the water temperature should be lower than the full temperature under this pressure. This factor will ensure the pump can operation normally.

3、Spray nozzle

The nozzle is also an important part of the vacuum pump system. The nozzle is intact or not will have a direct impact on the use of the system. Generally there are these problems: the wrong install, occlusion, damage, corrosion and leakage.


The normal use environment also can affect the efficiency of vacuum pump system. There will be a lot of small particles were inhaled during the process of using system. These small particles will be deposited on the pump body. Reducing the suction pipe flow then to extend the pumping time. Reducing the pump efficiency. Therefore, the timely cleaning of the system is very necessary.

The above four points is the greater impact factors during process of using the vacuum pump system. Please operate every step carefully if you want the system efficiency been improved.

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