BSV two stage rotary vane vacuum pump advantages

working principle

Due to the eccentricity effect

When rotor from 0°to  90°:V      —- Gas suction stage
When rotor from 90°to 360 :V    —- Gas compression stage


BSV Series Features-Vanes

The Vanes of BSV series vacuum pump adopt the imported special materials which have more stronger wear resistance than the other china manufacturers.
Applicable temperature ( ℃ ) :  ≤160
Brinell hardness ( HB )            :    232
Coefficient of thermal expansion (1/℃) :  room temp. 125 ℃
Vertical and horizontal direction: 7.4×10-6mm
Layer direction:                            7.5×10-5mm

To slot in the middle of vanes which takes advantage of pressure difference between the container so that to make the vanes more closely fit with the ylinder.
1. To avoid damage caused by the spring broken;
2. The vibration and noise are much lower than the other china competitors;
3. Its moderate elasticity and high abrasion resistance make the life of vanes increased greatly;
4. To avoid the pump deformation due to inhalation of water or lack of oil.

BSV Series Features–Bearing

Sliding Bearing

1. Made in SIC, Commonly known as “ceramic bearing” ;
2. The wearability of ceramic bearing is very strong, it hardly wears out in use, greatly improve the service life of pump.

BSV Series Features-Exhaust Valve Plate

The second exhaust valve plate:

Adopted the imported aerospace special valve plate material from Sweden, which  have strong resistance to fatigue and corrosion resistance. Ensure that the pump runs at a high load for a long time.

BSV Series Features- Forced Feed Oil
Forced Feed oil:

It is effective to guarantee the lubrication, sealing and oil temperature control of vacuum pump, ensuring the long-term and the stable operation for vacuum pump under high load situation.

BSV Series Features- Anti-return Oil Device
Anti-return oil device:

After starting up vacuum pump, the oil can be flew into each internal parts of pump to lubricate, seal and cooling pump body throught overcoming the spring pressure;

After stopping, the anti-return oil device through the spring pressure can be sealed the oil tank and pump body completely.

The anti-return oil device can effectively protect the oil from being sucked into chamber by the differential pressure.

BSV Series Features -Cooling type


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