Vacuum pump cavitation

Vacuum pump cavitation is caused by vaporization of water, that is to say the water vapor vaporization process of state from liquid transformation. Pump cavitation phenomena will seriously affect their life time and also influence their production efficiency and production quality.

When water is vaporized and the temperature and pressure have a certain relationship, under a certain pressure, the temperature rises to a certain value, the water began to vaporize; if it is in a certain temperature, the pressure is reduced to a certain value, the same will vaporize the water.This pressure is called the water vapor pressure at that temperature. During the flow process, when a localized pressure equal to or lower than a temperature corresponding to the vapor pressure, the water vaporization occurs in the area. After vaporization occurs, it will form a plurality of steam mixed with small gas bubbles. When the bubble flow from the low pressure area along the flow pressure region, bubble rupture under the action of high pressure, high pressure water flows at high speed such the original bubble occupies a space, forming an impact force.

Vacuum pump metal surfaces under water hammer pressure, fatigue and the formation was severely damaged. So we put the bubble formation, development and rupture resulting in material damage by the entire process, known as cavitation. This phenomenon is the focus we try to avoid in production, so as not to affect the production of  the vacuum pump.

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