Vacuum pump system operation

Pay attention to matters during vacuum unit using

Inspection and preparation before starting the vacuum pump system:

1. Check that all bolts are tight;

2. Check if the steering of the motor matches the steering of the pump;

3. Check whether there is lubricating oil (fat) in the bearing chamber. If the lubricating oil is used, its oil level is normal;

4. It is used to turn the pump rotor, and it is confirmed that there is no foreign matter falling in the pump, no card or grinding phenomenon;

5. Check if the packing is filled with packing;

6. If the suction pipe is equipped with a gate valve, the gate valve should be fully opened;

7. Close the gate valve and pressure gauge cock on the outlet line (the axial flow pump and the mixed flow pump should open the outlet gate valve);

vacuum unit

Vacuum pump system start:

1. Drain water into the pump or pump water with a vacuum pump;

2. For pumps that are sealed with external water, the valves of the water seal line and the external circulating water line valves should be opened;

3. Pumps that transport high temperature (~105℃) liquid should be warm pumped to gradually increase the temperature of the pump to the operating temperature;

4. Start the motor. After the speed is normal, open the pressure gauge cock and the outlet gate valve and adjust to the required working conditions. (After the pump is started, the outlet gate valve cannot be closed or closed for more than 3 minutes, otherwise the liquid in the pump will be overheated and vaporized.)

5. The pump working in series should start the first pump, open its outlet gate valve, start the second pump, and then open the second outlet gate valve when all the outlet valves are closed.

Vacuum pump system operation notes:

1. Always check the readings of pressure gauges and other instruments (such as electrical meters) during operation.

2, pay attention to often check the temperature of the pump bearing, the pump bearing temperature should not exceed 80℃.

3. Always check the heat and water leakage of the packing.

4. Check if the pump speed is normal.

5. The pump should not work for less than 30% of rated flow and longer than 130% of rated flow.

6. Pay attention to check the vibration and noise of the pump. If there is abnormal vibration and abnormal noise, stop it immediately.

The data for the above content should be recorded in time, and based on the changes in the recorded data, it is analyzed to determine whether it is necessary to perform maintenance.

Vacuum pump system shutdown procedure:

1. Slowly close the small exit gate valve to the minimum flow; (must not close the suction gate valve);

2, cut off the power supply, the motor stops;

3. Close the exit gate valve and the suction gate valve;

4. If the ambient temperature is lower than or equal to 0℃, the water in the pump should be drained to prevent freezing and cracking;

5. Pumps that are not used for a long time should be removed and washed, and sealed in

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