Side Channel Blowers Used for Hopper Loader Conveying System

For moderate distance conveying applications, nothing beats the simplicity of a side-channel vacuum blower.

Side channel blowers work according to the impulse principle. This means that kinetic energy from a rotating impeller is transferred to the pumping medium and converted into pressure. The impeller is mounted directly on the shaft of the motor and, together with the specially shaped housing, forms the side channel. The pumping medium is sucked in, compressed in the side channel and conveyed to the second stage after one rotation. Here, it is compressed again before being discharged. This way a side channel blower can be used to generate both vacuum and blast air. The motor rated power determines the maximum differential pressure of the blower. The two silencers fitted to the inlet and discharge sides ensure quiet operation.

Side Channel Blowers Used for Hopper Loader Conveying Systems

EVP side channel blowers utilize a one-piece fan and side-channel unit to produce reliable vacuum power and can be frequency controlled.

The simple, quiet compact design allows the pump to be installed in the production hall if required. blowers produce suction or vacuum at the inlet and positive pressure at the outlet. Connecting to the inlet or outlet allows the user to generate suction or compressed air, as required.

Side channel blowers are designed so that the impeller is driven directly by the motor; there are no engaging parts or mechanisms that could wear, break or require maintenance. The pressure generated by side channel blowers is relatively low compared to rotary vane and reciprocating compressors, but it is sufficient for many applications. For greater compression, two and three-stage design side channel blowers can be used.

Side Channel Blowers Used for Hopper Loader Conveying System

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