The advantages and disadvantages of the roots vacuum pump

The roots vacuum pump is a kind of rotary vacuum pump volume.Its structure is evolved by the roots blower.It first appeared in 1944 in Germany, is in order to adapt to within 10 ~ 1000 pa pressure with large pumping speed of vacuum smelting system and used as mechanical booster pump.

Depending on the roots vacuum pump working pressure range, can be divided into straight row of low atmospheric vacuum roots pump;The roots vacuum pump (mechanical booster pump) and high vacuum multistage roots pump.In the largest domestic consumption is roots vacuum pump (hereinafter referred to as the roots pump).Roots pump compared with other mechanical pump oil seal type has the following features:

Roots pump start-up fast, low power consumption, low operation maintenance cost, large pumping speed, high efficiency, to be drained gas contains a small amount of water vapor and dust is not sensitive, in 100 ~ 1 mpa pressure range greatly extraction rate, can quickly remove all of a sudden release of gas.This pressure range is between mechanical vacuum pump and diffusion pump oil seal type.Therefore, roots vacuum pump is often in series between the oil diffusion pump and mechanical vacuum pump oil seal type, used to improve the swept volume middle pressure range.At this time it is also known as mechanical booster pump.

The roots vacuum pump smooth running, low noise, small vibration, high ultimate vacuum.Because of the driving part of the pump adopts reliable anti-backlash structure, so the pump can be long-term work under high pressure difference.Starting fast, can achieve in a short time limit vacuum.Because of the roots vacuum pump cavity without sliding parts, each other without oil lubrication, avoid the pollution of oil vapor on the system.The roots vacuum pump on the safe side, what ZJ had, ZJP roots vacuum pump itself installed with overflow valve series automatic protection.The roots vacuum pump compact structure, cover an area of an area small.Left, right, the following three vent can choose any one, easy to install.

Weakness: the roots vacuum pump energy consumption is relatively low, but the noise and vibration is opposite bigger, to the verification of the demand is higher, isolation processing needs to be done.

Roots vacuum pump is widely used in the vacuum metallurgy in refining, degassing and rolling, as well as the chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical industry in the vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration and vacuum drying, etc.

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