2BV liquid ring vacuum pump characteristic


2BV structure and characteristic

1.Compared with SIHI LEMA, we have more big model 2BV5-161 and 2BV6-161, but LEM not available.

2. more material version to suit different working environment;

A.Cast iron material, stainless steel 304 impeller

B.All stainless steel 304 material

C. All stainless steel 316L

D.Titanium material is also available (capacity above 165m3/h)

3.All the 2BV pump is with John crane mechanical seal, Denmark Hempel painting.

4.2BV2 and 2BV5 without bracket, structure is more compact, and smaller assembly space.

5.2BV shaft dont touch the medium, easy to maintain.

6.2BV6 is with explosive proof motor, Atex motor is also available.

Pump pictures with packing wooden box:


Edited by Lany SHEN / EVP vacuum solution

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