Water ring vacuum pump in marine transportation industry

The application of water ring vacuum pump in marine transportation industry

With the development of the marine transportation industry, the key devices for commercial and military vessels have been used and relied on water ring vacuum pumps or liquid ring compressors. Which main applications are as follows:

Central vacuum pumping water
In this application, the function of the water ring vacuum pump is to keep the bilge pumped and transfer it to water pump system, which allows the bottom drain pump to be started quickly. In different applications, such as washing water and bilge water, it can be pumped through the same water ring vacuum system and equipped with a water injection valve to avoid cross-contamination. See below flow chart:

Water ring vacuum pump in marine transportation industry
Condenser exhausting procedure
It is well known that water ring vacuum pumps or water ring compressors are widely used in condenser vacuuming application in the power industry. Similarly, in marine transportation, condenser exhaust includes air discharge from the steam space of the power plant condenser and other non-condensing. gas. The purpose of discharging these gases is to keep the turbine back pressure as low as possible. These devices are critical in commercial shipping.

Sealed tube exhausting of Turbine
The steam turbine seals the shaft with a sealed tube to avoid air leakage. These sealed tubes are sealed with steam. In order to achieve its design performance, a water ring vacuum pump must be used to continuously extract excess steam and condensate.

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