Rotary vane vacuum pumps work

Rotary vane vacuum pumps(rotary vane pump for short) is an oil seal mechanical pump. The working pressure range of 101325 ~ 1.33 × 10-2 (Pa) is a low vacuum pump. It can be used alone as other high vacuum pumps before. It has been widely used in metallurgy, machinery, military, electronics, chemicals, light industry, oil and pharmaceutical production and scientific research departments.

Rotary vane pump can be sealed container extraction in the dry gas, with gas ballast if the device can also be exhausting a certain amount of condensable gas. But it was not suitable for pumping high oxygen, corrosive to metal, and on the pump oil will be from a chemical reaction and the gas containing dust particles.

Rotary vane pump is a vacuum technology in one of the most basic vacuum obtain equipment. Rotary vane pumps are mostly small and medium sized pump. Rotary vane pumps are single stage and two-stage two. The so-called two-stage, that is, separated the two single-stage pumps connected in series. Generally more dual-class to obtain a higher vacuum.

Rotary vane pump pumping speed and the relationship between the entrance pressure as follows: pressure at the entrance to 1333Pa, 1.33Pa and 1.33 × 10-1 (Pa), its pumping speed values were not lower than the nominal pumping speed of pump 95% 50% and 20%.
Rotary vane pumps by the pump, rotor, rotary vane, cover, springs and other components. The cavity in the rotary vane pump eccentric to install a rotor, rotor cylindrical surface tangent to the pump cavity (a very small gap between the two), the rotor slot with a spring with two rotary vane. Spins, by centrifugal force and spring tension so that the top and the pump chamber rotary vane contacts the inner wall of the rotor rotary drive rotary vane pump chamber wall along the slide.

2 rotary vane to the rotor, pump chamber, and two end caps surrounded by the crescent-shaped space divided into A, B, C three parts, when the rotor rotation direction of the arrow, and the suction port connected space volume of A is gradually increasing, is in the breathing process. Connected with the exhaust volume of the space C is gradually reduced, and is in the exhaust process. B volume of the space center is gradually reduced, is in the compression process. A volume of space is because increases (ie inflation), the gas pressure reduced, the pump room at the entrance to the external gas pressure is greater than the pressure inside A, so the gas inhalation. When the space A with the suction port isolation, that is transferred to the position of space B, the gas began to be compressed, the volume gradually reduced and finally connected with the exhaust port. When compressed air than the exhaust pressure, the exhaust valve is open the compressed gas, the gas within the reservoir through the fuel tank venting to the atmosphere. The continuous operation by the pump to achieve the purpose of continuous pumping. If the exhaust gas through the airway and transferred to another level (low vacuum level), take away from the low vacuum level, and then compressed by the low vacuum level back to the atmosphere, which formed a two-stage pump. Then the total compression ratio from 2 to pay, thus increasing the ultimate vacuum.

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