DLV double stage water ring pump

The new type dual stage water ring pump can complete replace the SIHI LPH series pump from the pump performance, power and outline dimension. Even though our DLV pump parts can replace the SIHI pump parts. Such as the impeller as follow:

Our pump impeller has no holes, but SIHI has two holes, because these two holes can help SIHI save the prime cost and reduce the pump weight. But we are very willing to add cost to make our pump impeller achieve better stability and performance. Besides, other pump parts also have the same quality required by SIHI. Another point, our DLV series impeller can be cast-on outwell. They are better in seal and have longer life span than others. Most water ring pump impellers are welded.

The DLV and SIHI LPH corresponding model as follow:

Our DLV series have three material: cast iron, SS304 and SS316L, these three can be used in different industries. For example, if the customer’s medium and industry have corrosive characteristics. According to the strength of corrosive medium, then select SS304 or SS316L. Others who are not in corrosive industries usually select the cast iron material. Of course, other customized material is also available, for example titanium, duplex steel, anticorrosive spraying etc.

Our DLV flange standard is Germany standard DIN, but we also can do the ANSI flange according to customer’s requirements. About the painting, the DLV used the HEMPEL of Denmark with RAL5005 blue after surface sandblasting treatment. This import paint have the super strong protect and anti-corrosion.

Our DLV series not only can replace the SIHI pump, but also have more advantages than 2SK water ring pump. Compared with 2SK dual stage water ring pump, our DLV series can save more power. Please reference the follow list (at 50Hz) :

From this list, we can found that, what the power is same, our capacity always more large then 2SK series pump. So if the customer have the same require on capacity, our DLV pump can help save more power.

In summary, not only the SIHI LPH series water ring pump, but also 2SK double stage water ring pump, our DLV series is the best replace model and it have more high quality and performance than others.

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