The application and development of water ring vacuum pump

As is known to all, due to the water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, which has been widely used in all kinds of industry , In particular, which has the characteristics of isothermal compression and easy to suction, compression of flammable and explosive gases.

Due to coal mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making industries development, the requirement of water ring vacuum pump increasingly toward large-scale direction.Before the year 2000 , our country can produce over 100 m3 / min containment of water ring vacuum pump only three or four companies, national output but also dozens of Taiwan.But only at the end of three years, by 2003 the country can produce more than 100 m3 / min of the major pump manufacturers more than 10 (zibo area accounted for 7-8), according to incomplete statistics, the country’s large pump, the production of more than several hundred of these products are mainly applied to:

Liquid ring vacuum pump is mainly used in the following industries

(1) coal mining industry

Because the state strengthens to the coal mine safety requirements, and therefore water ring vacuum pumps, especially large water ring vacuum pump in addition to gas safety requirements of coal industry, has become a must, as countries to further strengthen security work, large and super large water ring vacuum pump will get more and more widely used in coal mine system.

In addition, due to the rapid increase of coal production, coal washing, vacuum filter used in the coal preparation also develops to respect of large-scale, mostly in the eighty s with the swept volume of 27 m3 / min of SZ – 4 water ring vacuum pump, which was also larger.And coal mine in recent years, the filter is equipped with swept volume is 80-150 m3 / min of large water ring vacuum pumps, some reached more than 200 m3 / min, and the trend of gas continues to increase.

2) chlor-alkail industry

In recent years our country launched a number of large basic construction and technical transformation projects, the implementation of these projects require a lot of PVC material, especially the real estate boom, more to promote the development of PVC industry and chlor-alkail industry, according to statistics, China last year produced 4.1 million tons of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) imported 200 tonnes.According to the forecast of the industry, the demand will reach 8 million tons in 2005, and in 2010 will reach 2010 tons, it is because the demand for high speed increase, expansion has made chlor-alkail industry of our country enterprise and reform, and nearly one or two years on the new for many enterprises.The development of chlor-alkali enterprises, must form a complete set of water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor for pumping and compressed acetylene and hydrogen, water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor in the past but also biggest 30 m3 / min, now an annual output of 100000 tons of 100000 tons of caustic soda and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) enterprise, need water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor reach more than 70 m3 / min.

Need special is here, it is because of the development of the industry, promote and accelerate the higher I force to the development and production of water ring compressor.


Long-term since, our country’s water ring compressor is usually when the suction pressure for a atmospheric pressure or slightly below the tai pressure, eliminate pressure for o. 1 mpa, the compression ratio is 2, individual companies eliminate stress that we have produced 25 mpag water ring compressor, and only 1-2 specifications.In order to meet the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), 91, former major equipment office of the state council in the “five-year” major technical equipment research project, annual output of 4 tons of low polymerization degree PVC devices development put forward the development of the vinyl chloride recycle water ring compressor research project, the recovery of vinyl chloride monomer water ring compressor in suction pressure to atmospheric pressure or micro under the condition of negative pressure, exhaust pressure to achieve o. 55-0.6 MPaG, and displacement to 700 m3 / min.After several years of efforts, the company in December 96, passed the technical appraisal organized by the former state machinery, guest technology cake has reached the technological requirements.On the basis of this product, our company developed a series of products, include rotary vane vacuum pump ,exhaust from 90 m3 / min to 90 m./ h.Because the device is one of the key equipment of PVC industry, so the country in recent years under the situation of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) on large projects, this kind of water ring compressor got the promotion and application, entirely replace the imports.


4) fertilizer industry

Especially phosphate fertilizer industry production is also the key support of the industry, the economic macro-control as new items and old enterprise on the technical reform of all above, the scale is given priority to, so large and super large water ring vacuum pumps have been applied in this also, such as a phosphate fertilizer enterprises in yunnan province a new was swept volume of 300 m3 / min of oversize water ring pump 3 units.

In addition, there are many phosphate fertilizer enterprises technological requirements for absolute pressure in pressure 80 – lOOhPa, still should have bigger extraction ability, and two stage water ring vacuum pumps and two stage water ring vacuum pump with air injector used in this condition, it has unique advantages, many chemical fertilizer enterprises eliminated vibration noise and the reciprocating vacuum pump with higher vacuum degree, use two stage water ring vacuum pump replacement, and received good effect, can say two stage water ring vacuum pump will be more and more widely applied in the industry.

5) pulp and paper industry

The end of last century and at the beginning of this century, our country’s national debt investment occupied larger proportion of pulp and paper industry, paper mill scrambling transformation all over the country level, on a scale, it greatly boost the development and production of large water ring vacuum pump, a north-eastern paper mill a transformation of swept volume of 400 iil3 / min oversize water ring vacuum pump (at present, the production of specifications of the water ring vacuum pump) 6 units, the total power of 400 kw.Can say in the last few years the swept volume of over 100 m3 / min of 50% of the large water ring vacuum pump is used in paper industry, and the development trend of increase.

6) the pharmaceutical industry

Vacuum concentration dehydration, drying, distillation is the main process pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical enterprise’s technical transformation are also on the level, on the scale, which in some large pharmaceutical companies.In the past, mostly with small pump under 10 m3 / min, and now, in the enterprise of project bidding, swept volume in more than 20 m3 / min, large pump has a majority.In addition, many of the pharmaceutical industry plant used for the containment of 6-12 m3 / min two stage water ring vacuum pump is more, and now with 20-30 m3 / min two stage water ring vacuum pumps,roots vacuum pump , some still reach 60 m3 / min, such as a joint venture pharmaceutical factory in sichuan last year, a bid to buy swept volume of 60 m3 / min pump reach 10 m.

In addition to the above industry, light industries of food, beer companies and metallurgy, power generation, petrochemicals, building materials industries such as vacuum system to large developments, such as some aluminum plant in shandong long-term use many sets of swept volume of 85 m3 / min water ring vacuum pumps, last year the technological upgrading projects equipment tendering requirements of water ring vacuum pump volume to 140 m3 / min.


Above all, it can be seen that the water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor as basic rough low vacuum to obtain equipment has been widely used in various fields, and also the rapid development of the industry of the national economy promotes the water ring vacuum pump and the development and production of water ring compressor.So as to make it better adapt to the development of various industries.

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