Piston Vacuum pump used in freezer dryer

As the leading vacuum solution supplier, EVP accumulated a lots experience with different application. For freezer dryer, we also have much successful experience, there are a lots suitable model, for example piston vacuum pump, double stage rotary vane vacuum pump, oil free vacuum pump and roots vacuum system.

Oil free vacuum pump is used widely with freezer dryer, especially food&Vegetable. But for big freezer dryer , most customer select the piston vacuum pump or vacuum package (include the roots vacuum pump and piston vacuum pump). Below is one PID drawing from one freezer dryer manufacturer who used EVP 2H-70 and 2H-15 to work together with one freezer dryer

Piston Vacuum pump used in freezer dryer

This freeze dryer volume is as below:

Any more query of vacuum pump or vacuum system&vacuum unit in freeze dryer, Pls kindly contact with us, thank you!

Piston Vacuum pump used in freezer dryers

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Edited by: Lany SHEN / Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.


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