The development of vacuum pump equipment industry

In recent years , our vacuum pump equipment industry to enhance the external communication and communication within the industry, whether the whole industry compared with foreign industry , Or the mutual comparison within the industry , have expose our existing problems and gap, these problems, I think that is common promble , but also must be taken seriously in the future.

1. The research and development ability is very poor , can say that there is no capital investment or only a small amount of capital investment.Even though there is so called new product research and development , just receiving the order when design and consumption , formed the equipment performance in some level of unreliable and process not mature, brought hidden trouble to the customer’s use.Foreign counterparts spend a lot of money on r&d, stop key-module, root development, stop the exploration and curing process, form the advantage of a product or a category.When we stopped developing, also can only run behind others, not to mention the original type, when maturation or constitute a certain competitiveness on the market, and others have long-term research and development success of products to market, constitutes the virtuous cycle of competition.

2. Technical reform lag, old factories, old equipment, the process is still dominant, while several relocation and have changed in recent years, but the overall level of manufacturing, process level, degree of testing is still relatively backward, compared with the foreign companies cannot.Problems left over from the old system of technical reformation, and will not be offset in the short term.Obsolete equipment, backward from process and product level is low, the industry of every enterprise can exist.Overall mechanical vacuum pump technology is not backward in our country, and because the process of wrist backward cause poor performance.Although some manufacturer with advanced or special nc machine tools, CNC machining center, but the total is still lack of comprehensive process can still catch up with foreign counterparts.Germany in the second phase of tianjin treasure company investment, no matter from the workshop equipment, work place, manufacturing, testing the wrist all reflect the world first-class level.And we are in the industry that a company can compare again?Equipment, process the wrist is the most fundamental competitiveness, if our enterprises are still in the original manufacture wrist, the competitiveness of the enterprises?What’s the enterprise carry on!

3. The management mechanism and the form does not comply with the demand of modern enterprise.State system of the card by the factory to the so-called corporations build system;Family-owned or pause between friends of collaborative;All reflect do fang’s old management concept, reflects the system replaced by laws and regulations of the bad habits.Institutional drawbacks are unlikely to contribute to the development of the enterprise, the modern enterprise system of three encourage form can’t be enshrined in the enterprise.Even today once stopped the shareholding system reform of the enterprise, or have obtained China machinery industry management advanced enterprise, on the management still greatly lagged behind the west prosperous country.Vacuum industry in Japan’s consumption of enterprise, the organization of the kanban management, quantity on yield and quality of PDCA management, work site neat management, etc., all without exception shows the material culture of modern enterprise and physical culture, shows the people-oriented scientific concept.

4. The problem of talent.This is our vacuum equipment industry and the whole mechanical industry the prevalence of common problems.Nothing open type high quality technical personnel, the skillful craftsman, management’s unique white-collar class, seemed familiar and stretched.Technical personnel, skilled workers, management personnel are three foundations, support enterprise survival be short of one cannot.Three kinds of talent in our enterprise widespread shortages, then softened the warp and woof of enterprise survival.In terms of enterprises, market development by products, product development rely on talent, talent development environment (policy, treatment), in the chain, is the first, the people have the products, the products have the market.In prosperous country enterprise, white-collar workers of the academic degree is reducing year by year, working-class staff quality of common progress.In our country, university and college graduate students in several people to open the machine?Is obvious rules among some enterprises recruit so-and-so degree for when workers work, but the implementation of the board or on the job to stay long-term contribution to several people?For the enterprise development and survival, vacuum equipment industry in a difficult situation with thin treatment in university graduates, from time to time to enrich the technical personnel team and the enterprise continuously.But after the enrollment expansion of university graduates, the comprehensive quality is generally low, the treatment of more than, less than, than oral, less than the theoretical phenomenon is widespread.A computer, and he is a foreign language school is all about.A mechanical engineering college graduate student, don’t even understand at least grounded in mechanical processing knowledge, this reflects our the problems existing in the teaching.In our company, also to many college students in recent years, but also go some, stay, some have become the backbone of people thought fantasy practiced for years in the industry, but the social recognition?Everyone has its own public opinion.Vacuum in real university after graduating from professional engaged in product research and development, lack of 25% at best, it’s talent for rotary vane vacuum pump and vacuum system equipment industry foundation accumulation brings hidden trouble.Everyone to do the circulation, everyone to do agent, who develop this difficult work to do?Technology improvement by talent, by talented person’s comprehensive quality, rely on high-quality technical team to complete.Still struggle in the vacuum industry research and development on the position of technical personnel, is the hope of vacuum equipment industry, is China’s national industry to carry out hope.Our team is still weak, but after a sweep, stay is gold.As time goes on, the problem of talent there will be a good change.

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