How to choose liquid ring vacuum pump unit

With the development of the application of vacuum pump, vacuum pump has been developed to a variety of species, its pumping speed from zero to a few liters per second, hundreds of thousands, millions per second; extreme pressure (vacuum limit) from low vacuum to 10-12pa ultra-high vacuum range.


Because of the scope of application sectors involved in the vacuum pressure of work is very wide, so any type of vacuum pump can not be completely applicable to all operating pressure range, only depending on the operating pressure range and different work requirements, choose a different type the vacuum pump.


liquid ring vacuum pump should choose the correct unit. Since the vacuum pump selectively pumping, thus, may choose one suction pump can not meet the requirements, the need to focus the pump combined to complement each other in order to meet the pumping requirements, some vacuum pump does not work at atmospheric pressure, requires pre-vacuum; some pump outlet pressure below atmospheric pressure, required before the pump, the ancient capital of the need to use a combination of pump up that vacuum unit.

Water ring vacuum pump structure principle: its structure and working principle similar to the Roots blower, while working with its suction port is evacuated container or vacuum system main pumping phase. Between this vacuum pump rotor and the rotor, between the rotor and the casing do not touch, the gap is generally 0.1 to 0.8 mm; no oil lubrication


There arc line rotor profile, involute and cycloidal. Involute rotor pump capacity utilization is high, easy to guarantee precision, so multi-rotor profile involute. Roots vacuum pump features: Start fast, low power consumption, low operating and maintenance costs, pumping speed, high efficiency, and insensitive to be pumping gas contained a small amount of water vapor and dust, within 100 to 1 Pa pressure range greater pumping rate can quickly rule out a sudden release of gas. This happens in a pressure range between mechanical pump seals and oil diffusion vacuum pump.

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