Roots Blower is used to oxygenate aquaculture

Roots blower is an indispensable fishing machine for aquaculture farmers. Using roots blower can improve water quality. Roots Blower not only supplies the oxygen needed by the fish, but also promotes the oxidation and decomposition of organic matter in the pool, promotes the convection of the pool water, increases the dissolved oxygen at the bottom and reduces the harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia at the bottom.Improve the habitat of fish, enhance vitality.The improvement of water quality is more important than the bait environment.Raise fish (shrimp) raise water first, what say is this truth.Only accurate use, can guarantee its display maximum effect.


Roots Blower features:

1.Roots Blower has a very high mass transfer efficiency of oxygen because of the air bubbles generated by the pores of ultra-micro cells in the nanometer aerator, which have a large contact surface with water in the water body, a low floating velocity and a long contact time.

2. Fully activate the water: the micro-porous aeration and oxygen increasing device seems to turn the water into millions of streams surging and moving. Sufficient dissolved oxygen enables the water to establish a natural ecosystem and make the water come alive.

3. Restore the self-purification function of the water: microporous aeration is to increase oxygen, while aquaculture water is mainly anoxic at the bottom of the water. Fatty sludge, organic excreta, degraded bait and other organic matter deposited in the bottom of the water, which will consume a lot of oxygen. The sufficient micro-porous aeration can restore water self – purification function.

4. Because the use of micro aeration aeration device, oxygen mass transfer efficiency is very high, so that the unit of water dissolved oxygen quickly reached 4.6mg/L, less than a quarter of the energy consumption of water truck or impeller oxygen, can greatly save the cost of the farmers.

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