The Requirements of Application Performance of the Vacuum System

As semiconductor manufacturing to flourish in our country, domestic and international semiconductor manufacturing companies have launched production line, increasing the domestic used in semiconductor manufacturing line for cleaning ultra-high vacuum system equipment requirements. The ultra-high vacuum system for cleaning the gate valve is a critical part of the system components, but because of the current domestic production of ultra-high vacuum gate valve technical indicators is not enough, especially the structure of similar foreign products compared to its transmission part also there is a big gap, therefore, in order to improve the technological level of China’s current ultra-high vacuum gate valve, analyze and optimize the design of its internal transmission parts is very realistic. Vacuum pump.

In this paper, the practical application of an ultra-high vacuum gate valve is based on a mathematical model of its internal drive mechanism, the use of mathematical methods, such as the objective function to optimize the analysis, and then concluded optimized, and thus established optimized design ideas such transmission mechanism, which can be optimized for this type of serial analysis of a variety of ultra-high vacuum gate valve drive mechanism. Performance supermarket vacuum valve grind plate require ultra-high vacuum flapper valve is mainly used in ultra-high vacuum systems, especially ultra high vacuum system for cleaning semiconductor manufacturing requirements for piping connections vacuum system gas flow regulation, or turn off the line.As the valve is vacuum system frequently moving parts, so to ensure that it has a limited life. Due to the ultra-high vacuum gate valves have these performance requirements in the application of the vacuum system, and therefore the study and analysis of its transmission mechanism is particularly important.

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