Rotary vane vacuum pump play a important role in the working ​process

Rotary vane vacuum pump play a important role in the working process

Rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump plays an important role in the process: from the intake port into the gas suction and compression is sucked into the gas, there by discharging the pump. Achieve the pumped gas is evacuated from the space is conveyed by the air intake direction to the atmosphere outside the system, completion of the suction effect. Rotor revolution sucked into the two gases, two exhaust gas.

In the role of mechanical rotary vane vacuum pump oil machinery are:

(1) Sealing of the exhaust valve, to prevent air from entering the pump through the discharge valve.

(2) a small amount of the exhaust valve pump oil from entering the pump and the other space, lubrication and cooling effect, and form a film on the rotor and the pump body, and the rotary vane rotor gap, etc., to improve the sealing performance, prevent discharge pump high pressure gas leak back to the suction chamber cavity.

(3) When a high vacuum, a small amount of gas, after a compressed air chamber exhaust gas is still not enough impulse to open the exhaust valve as the rotary vane pump chamber by means of a vacuum pump oil is incompressible oil, red open achieve exhaust vent.

To ensure that the vacuum system has a good mechanical performance of vacuum, the vacuum pump oil has certain requirements:

(1) mechanical pump oil saturated vapor pressure is low enough, usually saturated vapor pressure at 20 ℃ not more than 5.3×10-3 Pa;

(2) mechanical pump oil should have a suitable viscosity, general provisions within the viscosity at 50 ℃ should be (47 ~ 57×10-6 m 2 / s) range.

So,we can find ,the mechanical vacuum pump have a very important role when the working process.

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