EVP in Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

EVP, as a world-famous brand in the field of liquid ring vacuum pump, is the choice of numerous customers. Then, compared to SIHI, what are EVP’s advantages?

Firstly, product performance:

Our 2BV can completely replace LEM series in performance, 2BE replaces LEH series and DLV replaces LPH series.

Regarding Ultimate Vacuum Pressure, both EVP’s and SIHI’s can reach 25 torr theoretically. Actually, when tested in special testing area, ours can reach a better vacuum than 25 torr. This is shown by our Test Report.

And as for Max Suction Capacity, LEM is from 11.89m3/h to 271.84m3/h. However, our 2BV covers from 27m3/h to 500m3/h when electricity frequency is 50 hz. So 2BV is a better choice when a larger working suction capacity is needed.

What’s more, EVP DLV series can 100% replace some LPH models in performance, below is DLV models and corresponding LPH models:

DLV 140=====LPH 45311

DLV 180=====LPH 45316

DLV 300=====LPH 55312

DLV 350=====LPH 55316

DLV 400=====LPH 55320

DLV 500=====LPH 65320

DLV 600=====LPH 65327

DLV 800=====LPH75320

DLV 1200=====LPH 75330

DLV 1600=====LPH 75340

Bellow are performance curves of LPH 45311 (please see the full line part of 50hz) and DLV140 (regarding 50hz)

In the aspect of dimension and appearance, DLV is the same as LPH, so customers who used LPH before do not have worries about installation and pipelines. The following are pictures of them for your reference. (Regarding dimensions and performance curves of specific models, please contact EVP directly.)

Secondly, services:

EVP services is also satisfactory. With the principal of “Products and Service develop together”, EVP team value both before-sale services and after-sale services. Salesmen and engineers are 23-hour online to answer any possible questions from customers. And in the process of installation and operation, we can provide pictures and videos to help. If necessary, engineers can also go to your country and help installation in person.

Thirdly, price:

In recent years, Chinese pays much attention to Creation. Chinese products are no longer just “Made In China” but “Created In China”. You get what you pay for. EVP wins thousands of hundreds of customers by “High cost performance”, not “Low prices”. And of course, when compared to SIHI, price advantage of EVP is obvious.

Look, same high-quality products, same nice services, with better price, EVP Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Your Smart Choice!

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Edited by Emily Fu/ EVP vacuum solution

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